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Diggstown Season 5 Release Date: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

CBC has recently aired a really popular programme. Diggstown is the name of the show. Many Diggstown fans are frantic about the release date of the upcoming season. Hopefully, if you are reading this page, you are also interested in when Diggstown season 5 will be released.

Don’t worry, we are here to provide exhaustive information about Diggstown. Please read this article if you want specific details. Also, if this article was helpful, please provide comments. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us.

Possible Release Date Diggstown Season 5

If our hypotheses are accurate, the fifth season of the sitcom will premiere on CBC’s enormous streaming service at the end of 2023. However, at this time, it is only a well-informed assumption on our side; we will provide an update once we get more facts.

Where Can I Watch Diggstown?

The fourth season of Diggstown will be accessible on CBC Gem beginning on October 12 at 8 p.m. If you missed an episode or would simply prefer to watch it on a streaming service, CBC Gem is the place to look.

Additionally, you may watch each season of the show whenever you want online for no cost (Canada). CBC Gem is the CBC’s online video streaming platform.

Diggstown Season 5 Release Date: Here's Everything You Need to Know

The Plotline of Diggstown

Gabriel Caine, portrayed by James Woods, is a smooth-talking con artist who, after being released from a Georgia prison, travels to the remote settlement of Diggstown with his accomplice, Fitz, portrayed by Oliver Platt. Fitz and Caine wagered with Diggstown’s wealthiest resident, a former boxing manager named John Gillon (played by Bruce Dern), that they knew somebody capable of defeating all ten of Diggstown’s top boxers in a single day. Once Caine captures “Honey” Roy Palmer, an older boxer and an old friend portrayed by Louis Gossett Jr., the con can commence.

The Cast Speculation of Diggstown Season 5

This Production comprises a number of renowned and outstanding actors, including

  • Vinessa Antoine as Marcie Diggs.
  • Brandon Oakes as Doug Paul.
  • Shailene Garnett as Iris Beals.
  • C. David Johnson as Reggie Thompson.
  • Natasha Henstridge as Colleen MacDonnell.
  • Dwain Murphy as Avery Mueller.
  • Arlene Duncan as Velma Diggs.
  • Maurice Dean Wint as Austin Diggs.

Recap of Diggstown Season 4

Finally, the CBC has gotten it right. This programme is contemporary because the issues it addresses are pertinent to our day. In one of the programmes, the focus was on how a First Nation lady was treated inside our culture.

Diggstown Season 5 Release Date: Here's Everything You Need to Know

In addition, she has a male attorney who is a member of a First Nation and who understands her perspective; despite their vastly different economic positions in society, their appreciation for truth and dignity is identical.

This program’s previous season was one of my favourites! I opted to watch the premiere of the second season, and I was not disappointed! It is energising to see a show that takes place in a Canadian metropolis and contains a substantial amount of multiculturalism.


If you have never watched the series and are interested in its quality, I can assure you that it is rather good! The show has a decent IMDb rating of 6.4/10 and a Rotten Tomatoes average audience rating of 77%. Consequently, this show is included in my list. If you’re still on the fence about viewing it, consider what others have said about it.


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