Diego Luna’s Top Acting Roles, Ranked

Diego Luna is a tremendously gifted actor who has illuminated the screen for years. He gives charisma and raw emotion to every character he does, even those that are very insignificant. Recently, Luna has finally received the acclaim he deserves. A few years ago, he debuted in the Star Wars universe in the anthology picture Rogue One, and today fans adore seeing him lead the way in the acclaimed series Andor. Luna has collaborated with notable directors such as Gus Van Sant and Harmony Korine. He is an undeniable prodigy with a prosperous career ahead of him.

Luna grew up in Mexico City, where she was exposed to theatre and performance at an early age. Before starring in Alfonso Cuaron's Y Tu mamá también, he began his acting career in the theatre. The film's tremendous success led to a great deal of additional labor. His career got considerable momentum as he attained international fame. Luna can morph into whatever character he assumes. Every performance demonstrates his talent and abilities, and his career has covered numerous genres. Let's delve into Luna's greatest performances to date.


Diego Luna's Top Acting Roles, Ranked

Luna portrays Harvey Milk's passionate and disturbed partner in Gus Van Sant's Milk (Sean Penn). Luna steals the show and masterfully embodies the character of a man desperate for his lover's attention. His acting reveals that his character has experienced a great deal of pain and betrayal over his lifetime. Penn and Luna have wonderful chemistry, and Luna was a perfect addition to the film. His performance is emotionally charged from start to finish.


Diego Luna's Top Acting Roles, Ranked

Luna reprises his role as Cassian Andor in the critically acclaimed television series Andor. He portrays a burglar coping with the destruction of his home planet. Luna gives his everything to the character, and he once again demonstrated that he can play a powerful and brave leader. The chemistry between Luna and the rest of the ensemble is excellent, and he completely inhabits his role.

Mister Lonely

Diego Luna's Top Acting Roles, Ranked

In Harmony Korine's Mister Lonely, Luna plays a Michael Jackson imposter with great ambition. His character is filled with zeal and eagerness to accomplish his goals. In addition to delivering the goods, Luna infuses a great deal of physicality into his act. His chemistry with the rest of the ensemble was great, and he provides us with a character that is difficult to dislike. This character is relatable to any artist or actor striving to succeed in the show industry.

The Terminal

Diego Luna's Top Acting Roles, Ranked

As an airport staffer in Steven Spielberg‘s The Terminal, Luna steals the show. His character leads us to an intriguing subplot with an unorthodox love tale. Luna portrays a romantic who is desperate to win over his dream girl. He was a terrific addition to the cast because he is faultless from beginning to end. This part demonstrated that Luna can take the spotlight with a supporting performance.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Diego Luna's Top Acting Roles, Ranked

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story introduced the character Luna to the Star Wars universe. He portrays Cassian Andor, a valiant Rebel who fights for the benefit of the galaxy. Luna's chemistry with Felicity Jones and the rest of the ensemble was one of the film's strongest aspects. The entirety of his performance is marked by charisma and valor. Cassian Andor was such a beloved figure that a spin-off prequel series based on his persona is currently running on Disney+.


Diego Luna's Top Acting Roles, Ranked

Luna's work in Julie Taymor‘s Frida is another example of him producing a superb supporting performance. Alejandro Gonzalez Arias, who was Frida Kahlo's boyfriend, is portrayed by Diego Luna (played by Salma Hayek). Luna delivers again another charming and charismatic performance, and she worked incredibly well with Hayek from start to finish. He steals the show throughout the entire flick.

Narcos: Mexico

Diego Luna's Top Acting Roles, Ranked

Narcos: Mexico takes you to the chaos and carnage of the illegal drug world. Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, portrayed by Luna, is the boss of the Guadalajara Cartel. He was a series regular for the first two seasons and a guest star for the third. Luna's acting is unrivaled, as he brilliantly embodies the character of a drug dealer. From beginning to end, he delivers a ferocious and emotionally charged performance.

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