Did You Break Up With Your Old Vacuum? Check Out Dyson!

Lasers are not just relegated to sci-fi or hospitals. They’re also the future of vacuum technology and guess what, the future is here. I have some facts for those scientists out there and that’s look no further than V15 as proof that lasers are where it’s at, at the Dyson vacuum sale.

The Dyson V15 has two special heads. The first thin head has a green laser that brightens up particles that can be as small as 10 microns. As you scientists know, that’s around the width of a single human red blood cell.

The second head of the Dyson V15 is the High Torque cleaner head. This is the head that has an acoustic piezo sensor. This sensor detects miniature dust being sucked up into electric signals and it measures and shows this through an LCD screen to keep track of your cleaner path.

I also want to brag shamelessly about the Dyson V11 Absolute cable-free vacuum cleaner. It delivers great clean up on it’s boost or auto modes and features a display that counts down how much battery you have left. With this model, keep in mind that it does need to recharge about every 12 minutes.

It's auto mode changes the suction level as you move between different types of flooring. It’s amazing as a handheld, but it’s a little bit heaver and uses more effort to use for a long time when compared to the V10 Absolute.

Still, the V10 through V15 Dyson models are the vacuums of the future. How can you possibly choose from so many Dyson’s when you attend the next Dyson Sale? Well, the crew from Dyson vacuums Australia has some answers!

FAQs When Buying a Vacuum:

How to Pick the Right Vac for Your Space?

There should be an effort in choosing a vacuum according to personal needs, preferences, and requirements. Affordable vacs can be great however, don’t compare them with 5-10 times more pricier models.

What Am I Striving to Look for When Purchasing a Vac?

Go for the price, suction, type, weight, cleaning tools and accessories, air filtration, maintenance, and warranty. Make sure you know when the warranty for your vac expires!

What Is the Best Brand of Vac I Should Look for?

Large brands have a strong history and reputation for making great vacuums at usually acceptable prices. Whereas smaller brands compete by offering better vac models at reasonable prices as well. You can read what the team recommends as well as other consumers that have tried the vacuum you’re interested in already.

How Much Suck Power Should a Vacuum Have?

Vacuums are the household item that you actually want to have suck! Usually, anything more than 100 Air Watts (suck power) mixed with the right cleaning accessories is alright. Remember the cleaning path is what’s important; it’s not the same to have 100 Air Watts across a 5-inch path versus a 10-inch path.

So, What Is the Best Vac Out There?!

There is not one answer on this. Take Dyson models, for example. There’s a new family of Dyson cable-free vacuums and they are equally as good as cable models; some might say even stronger. There’s new everywhere!

There are new Shark stick vacs that have Duoclean main heads that are terrific on fluffy and hardwood floors. There’s new Tineco stick vacs with digital technology that happen to be WiFi-enabled models. If you prefer compartment vacuums and don’t mind a higher price, check the Miele canister vacuums.

On the other hand, Bissel, Hoover, and similar names has great vacs available at much lower prices. At the end of the day, best is what you make of it. Everyone has different standards they need fulfilled for their cleaning needs and here’s hoping you find what you’re looking for.

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