Diabolik Lovers Season 3 | Release Date| Cast | Trailer And More

Diabolik Lovers (Diaborikku Ravāzu in Japanese) is a romantic, mystery anime Tv series based on the widely popular game series of the same name. Rejet, the developer of the game franchise, has released seven games so far. It focuses on the Vampire, wolf, and more.

Rejet released the first season of the game on October 11, 2012, for the PlayStation Portable system. The franchise released one season of the game every two years, and its seventh season released in March 2019 playable on Nintendo Switch. The Zexcs adapted it as anime series whose first season premiered from September 16, 2013, to December 9, 2013. The second season of the anime aired between September 23, 2015, to December 9, 2015. Later an OVA episode was released on February 28, 2015. The game and the anime series both received wide popularity and appreciation from fans. Now the fans of anime are eagerly waiting for the third installment of the anime.

Keep reading to know about season 3.

The Cast of Diabolic Lovers Season 3. Who Will Be In It?

Diabolik Lovers season 3

The showrunners have not revealed the cast for season 3 so far. If we go by the development of the plot, the potential characters will include-

  • Yui Komori – She is a 17-year-old girl who lives with her father. A mysterious person forced her to live in a mansion with Vampires. She is the female protagonist of the series.
  • All the characters from Sakamaki. Sakamaki is the family of Six Vampire brothers, and season 1 revolves around them. Sakamaki’s includes-Shū Sakamaki, Reiji Sakamaki, Ayato Sakamaki, Kanato Sakamaki, Laito Sakamaki, Subaru Sakamaki, and Kino
  • All the characters from the Mukami’s family. Mukami is a family of four vampire brothers, and they entered in season 2 of the series. Mukami’s includes- Ruki Mukami, Kou Mukami, Yuma Mukami, and Azusa Mukam.

We will likely see the other characters as well in season 3 if ever made.

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The Plot of Diabolic Lovers season 3. What to Expect from It?

Diabolik Lovers season 3

Season 1 of the series revolves around a mysterious family of six vampire brothers known as Sakamaki and a high school girl Yui. She lived with her father. One day, she went to the mansion of Sakamaki’s and got trapped there. She came to know that she was the future bride of all six brothers. She tried to escape but failed to do so. Her heart filled with compassion when she got to know the past of vampire brothers. As the story progress, we met Cordelia, the mother of Ayato, Kanto, and Laito. She had an affair with Richter, the younger brother of her husband, and Laito. Her sons killed her due to her wickedness, but she asked Richter to take out his heart and place it in another’s body. He fixed the heart in Yui’s body. Ultimately, the brothers saved her by making the solution that killed her in Yui’s body.

In season 2, the Mukami family kidnapped the Yui, and she lived with them for a while. Later Ayato saved her. In the end, a set of wolves attacked Mukami’s and Sakamaki’s.

Season 2 left us on the cliffhanger. It left us with burning questions that need answers in season 3. Whom are those wolves? Why did they attack Mukami’s and Sakamaki’s? Will Yui save them? And many more.

Well, we hopefully get the answers in season 3.

The Release Date of Diabolic Lovers Season 3. When Will It Air?

Diabolik Lovers season 3

The finale episode of season 2 aired on December 9, 2015, and more than five years have passed since then without any news regarding Diabolic Lovers season 3. Zexcs has not shown the green light for the third installment of the series so far. It is a popular anime based on game series, and it is a common practice that the anime is used as the advertisement for the source material. The same goes with this series. But do not lose hope. Plenty of material is available to make the sequel. Therefore, the sequel likely to come somewhere in 2022 if ever made.

Is There Any Trailer Available for Diabolic Lovers Season 3?

No official trailer or teaser released to watch so far. However, you can see some videos on youtube claiming to be the official trailer of Diabolic Lovers season 3. These are just fake videos. Therefore, do not get deceived by them. We will update here once the official trailer comes.

What Is the IMDB Rating of The Diabolic Lovers Anime Series?

The series got a mixed response from the audience. Some people praised it, and some reviewed it worthless. Therefore, it scored a low rating of 5.2 out of 10.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we watch the Diabolic Lovers series?

Currently, it is streaming on several platforms like Hulu, HiDive, and VRV. You can watch it on Crunchyroll as well.

Final Verdict

The series is full of drama, thrill, and mystery. The characters are beautiful, and the artwork is mesmerizing. You will get hooked on the scenic beauty. The soundtrack is pleasant as well.

It’s just similar to other popular tv series Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and Buffy. However, the sole of any series is its development of the plot. The storyline is not impressive and quite confusing. If the showrunners had worked on the storyline, it would have been the better series. Nevertheless, numerous fans applauded the series and are waiting for the third installment of the series.

You tell, are you one of the critics or fans? Do tell us your views about the series in the comment section.

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