Dexter Season 9 Release Date: All We Know About the Show is Here!

Miniseries creator Clyde Phillips and Dexter show runner Marcos Siega teamed up to create the American crime drama mystery Dexter: New Blood for Showtime.

It’s been an entire decade since we lost Dexter. In the miniseries Dexter: New Blood, the past appeared to catch up with the serial killer from Miami who was supposed to be dead. Here are all the details regarding Dexter Season 9.

Dexter Season 8 Ending Explained

Dexter and Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski) try to flee for Argentina in the Season 8 finale of Dexter, but Dexter’s plans are thwarted by private investigator Jacob Elway.

Deb Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) is shot by serial killer Oliver Saxon and later suffers a stroke while in the hospital. Dexter kills Saxon, claiming self-defense, after learning that Saxon was responsible for Deb’s death.

After quickly locating Deb, Dexter makes the decision to turn off her life support and then leaves the hospital with her body. On their journey to Argentina, he calls Harrison and Hannah to tell them he loves them.

Following this, Dexter’s boat is discovered in ruins, and it is assumed that he has perished along with it. Just what is the shocking turn of events? He pretended to die and then moved to a small town in Oregon under a new identity. That’s where we’ll find him throughout the revival’s run.

Dexter Season 9 Release Date

Set ten years after the series finale of the original show, “Remember the Monsters?” (airing in 2013), the tale picks up where we left off. The premiere date was November 7, 2021, on Showtime.

Dexter Season 9 Release Date

The series was supposed to be a one-off, but in February 2023 it was announced that a second season would be produced focusing on Dexter’s son Harrison.

Cast and Character of Dexter Season 9

The cast and characters of Dexter: New Blood are given below.

James Lindsay as Dexter Morgan, Played by Michael C. Hall

Dexter Morgan, a former serial killer, has assumed the name of Jim Lindsay after moving to upstate New York and pretending to have died. How much longer can he go without killing anyone after not doing so for nearly a decade? Michael C. Hall, who played the lead in the original series for eight seasons, is back in the role.

Debra Morgan, Portrayed by Jennifer Carpenter

Dexter’s sister Debra passed away in the series finale due to complications from a gunshot wound. Dexter now thinks of her as his inner voice, urging him to improve himself.

Fans will be shocked to see Jennifer Carpenter reprise her role as Deb. She has acted in Limitless and The Enemy Within before.

Harrison Morgan Played by Jack Alcott

Dexter’s son Harrison is the one he hasn’t talked to since he faked his own death at the end of Season 8. Once Harrison learns his father may still be alive, he sets out for Iron Lake, New York to finally meet him and find out the truth.

Angela Bishop Played by Julia Jones

Angela, in her capacity as sheriff of Iron Lake, has taken a personal interest in the recent disappearances that have plagued the town. In addition, she is currently dating Dexter without being aware of his history.

As Audrey Bishop, Johnny Sequoyah

Audrey is Julia’s daughter, and she doesn’t hold back when she has something to say. Although her mother doesn’t like it, she has a streak of defiance that helps keep her on her toes whenever trouble arises in her sleepy hometown.

Logan, Played by Alano Miller

At the Iron Lake Police Department, Julia and Logan both have the rank of sergeant. Because of his own personal tragedy, he feels compelled to help others. He also helps out with high school wrestling as an assistant coach.

As Kurt Caldwell, Clancy Brown

Caldwell, who spent his formative years in Iron Lake, has returned to his birthplace on the strength of his thriving firm. Everyone in town wants to be on his good side because he is essentially the mayor.

Synopsis of Dexter Season 9

Dexter Morgan pretended to die in a hurricane 10 years ago, so he could go to the made-up town of Iron Lake, New York and start a new life under the alias Jim Lindsay, working at a local outdoor gear shop.

He is in a committed relationship with Angela Bishop, the town’s police chief, and has managed to control his cravings for vigilante serial murders. Dexter often imagines his dead sister Debra is nearby. His former partner’s son Harrison shows up in the pilot episode for unknown reasons.

Dexter Season 9 Release Date

Dexter worries that the “Dark Passenger” inside of him and possibly inside of his son will expose itself after a series of events occur near Iron Lake.

Which Streaming Service Offers the Dexter Series?

Unlike Amazon Prime Video, Netflix does not carry the Dexter series. While Amazon Prime members get access to the original Dexter series, the Dexter: New Blood spinoff requires the purchase of an additional Showtime subscription.

Official Trailer of Dexter Season 9

You can watch the official trailer of Dexter season 9 here.


Final Words

Dexter’s death has been ten years in the making. The Miami serial murderer who was thought to be dead returned in the miniseries Dexter: New Blood. The story continues ten years after the events of the first “Remember the Monsters?” (which aired in 2013).

The show debuted on Showtime on November 7, 2021. Furthermore, Bookmark our website to your list so that you can read more articles like this.