Dexter New Blood Season 2: Season 2 of Dexter: New Blood in the Works? Is There a Chance That There Will Be More Episodes?

Dexter: New Blood has become Showtime’s most-watched show of all time, no matter what some fans and critics thought about the show. Around 8 million people watched the show each week during its 10-episode run. That’s more than Showtime’s signature show, Homeland. The 3 million people who watched the Dexter: New Blood finale helped the revival beat Homeland season 3’s finale in 2013 to become the network’s most-watched season finale. As a result, two million of those people watched the show on streaming and on-demand platforms, setting yet another record for Showtime.

It’s been a big hit with fans of Dexter: New Blood for the past 10 weeks, says Showtime Networks’ entertainment head, Gary Levine. When the show came to an end, no matter what they thought of it, we are so grateful for their enthusiasm.

Dexter was most likely brought back to life for this very reason. Since New Blood and Yellowjackets were so popular, more people have signed up for Showtime in the last year than ever before. Coupling well-known intellectual property with a new, popular show worked out great. The network is likely to try to do the same thing in the future. However, now that Dexter Morgan is dead, playing the same hand next year could be difficult.

Is “Dexter: New Blood” Still Being Made?

  • New Blood in the Works?

It isn’t clear yet if there will be another season. During an interview before the end of the season, Showtime’s President of Entertainment Gary Levine said that they were going to talk about another season after the show was over.

A limited series: “Dexter is a limited series, and any more talk about Dexter will have to wait until we finish airing the limited series and see where we are with our stories and our characters.” It was meant to have a proper ending to the series, and I think we’ll be able to do that in the best way possible.

Until January 9, the show aired. In the end, Harrison killed Dexter with his hands. While the end of the storey officially ends his part of the storey, it also gives Harrison a chance to grow as he deals with his dark side.

Dexter New Blood Season 2

It’s Not Clear Whether There Will Be Another Season of Dexter: New Blood

We bet that the Dexterverse will keep going in some way even though we don’t know-how. We’ll have to wait and see if that means another season of Dexter: New Blood, or a new show called Harrison after Harrison. Clyde Phillips, the show’s creator, told Deadline that he thinks Dexter: New Blood will be a good show for Showtime. He also said that he wants to keep telling Harrison’s storey.

Phillips: “As I said, this show is a huge help.” “When people start bingeing this after the finale, I’m sure the number of people watching will keep going up. It’s Showtime’s job to call me if they want to see more of what I do. You should make more of this. If they ask, I’d say yes. A lot is going on, but I’d say yes to this in a second.”

For Harrison, What’s in Store?

In the first place, let’s get one thing out of the way: Dexter will never return. Three words: Dexter is dead. Phillips told Deadline that he had three for them. “I wouldn’t do that to the people who were there. It wouldn’t be honest. When you look at this, there is no doubt that this is the last episode of Dexter. Dexter has been killed, and we don’t know why.”

If that wasn’t enough, Harrison drives off in the finale, free to go wherever he wants, just like Jesse did at the end of Breaking Bad. You could let your imagination run wild with this one, and it would be fun. Will Harrison start over and try to start over again, making a new start for himself?

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If Harrison killed his father, is it a full heel turn for him, and we’d see even more evil-doing from him down the road? Then, let’s look at the Alcott profile on our site. “He hasn’t felt this way before.” “Alcott said that, and I agree with him “As a child, Harrison thought there was something wrong with him, and now he thinks he is. His friends, father figures, and town all lived in Iron Lake. They all cared about him. When he thinks about it, “I can live a normal life.”

Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Reboot?

Is “Dexter: New Blood” still being made? It isn’t clear yet if there will be another season. During an interview before the end of the season, Showtime’s President of Entertainment Gary Levine said that they were not going to talk about a second season until the show was over.

Is Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Going to Happen?

  • New Blood in the Works?

People first need to figure out what makes sense, then they need to figure out what doesn’t make sense. Dexter: New Blood was advertised and made into a TV show. A lot of the time, that means one and done. Shows like Fargo and American Horror Story have been able to make multiple seasons out of their miniseries by turning them into anthologies. When you’re talking about telling the same storey, a miniseries is a self-contained storey that is told over a limited number of episodes. Then, no. Because a miniseries is a small amount of time, there shouldn’t be a second season of Dexter: New Blood.

Dexter New Blood Season 2

Not only that, but Showtime made it very clear that the last episode of Dexter: New Blood was the “series finale.” In the same way, right? It’s because of Big Little Lies that networks don’t seem to care about what words mean anymore. First, HBO gave the miniseries a second season with the same stars and storey. I think the executive producer of New Blood is willing to break this TV rule again, at least for this show.

As part of the TCA’s winter tour in 2021, show producer Clyde Phillips was asked about turning New Blood into a multi-season spin-off about Dexter’s son, Harrison (Jack Alcott). In Episode 10, we want to see where we are. Besides, Phillips said, “That’s a network choice, anyway.”

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Phillips was a little more concise six months after TV Line asked him about the show’s future. There is no one else who can do anything about it, Phillips said. They would say, “We want to do Harrison.” If they did that, I would say, “Oh, no.” Our goal is for you to figure it out. I’m a little busy, but I’d do it right away. I’d love to do it, but it’s Showtime’s job to make it happen.

The bottom line is The second season of Dexter: New Blood could happen, but it’s not sure. There’s no way to know for sure if it will happen or not. Showtime has the final say on that.

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