Dexter New Blood Season 2 Release Date: Will Season 2 Ever Happen?

Fans of Dexter: New Blood will be unhappy to learn that Showtime does not appear to be renewing the sequel for a second season.

Dexter: New Blood, starring Michael C. Hall as the titular serial killer, picks up 10 years after the original season 8 conclusion in an effort to make up for the ending’s harsh criticism.  And the revival must have done something right because, after debuting in 2021, it formally became Showtime’s most-watched series of all time, averaging over 8 million viewers per week throughout its 10-episode run.

Why then was it removed from the network’s schedule? To learn everything, continue reading. Full Dexter: New Blood spoilers are ahead, so beware!

Will Dexter: New Blood Have Season 2?

Dexter: New Blood season 2 has been cancelled by Showtime, according to a recent rumour from TV Line, despite the popularity of season 1.

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Showtime is apparently concentrating on the creation of a prequel series in place of New Blood, but fans will have to wait for further information on this.

Why Dexter: New Blood was Cancelled?

The news follows the announcement of the merger between Showtime and Paramount+ streaming, which was swiftly followed by the cancellation of several Showtime shows, including Let the Right One In and American Gigolo from the network’s lineup.

Dexter New Blood season 2

Showtime’s President of Entertainment Gary Levine previously stated to Deadline that Dexter is a limited series and that any further discussions of Dexter will have to wait until we finish airing the limited series and see where we are with our stories and our characters. New Blood was initially billed as a limited series.

“The series finale for Dexter was truly intended to be a proper one, and I think we’ll do it in the greatest way we can,” the actor said.

It seems that showrunner Phillips previously offered supporters false optimism when he claimed he would grab up an opportunity to work on another season.

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According to him, this show is a big value. I’m sure the numbers will keep rising as people start binge-watching this following the finale. If Showtime wants more, they must call and ask for me.

“I would answer yes if they asked me if I’d like to create a continuation of this. Despite the fact that I am quite busy, I would immediately say yes and drop everything for this.

Who Could Play the Lead Role in Dexter: New Blood Season 2?

Let’s take a look at who could appear in a hypothetical second season as we wait for official confirmation of the show’s cancellation.

Given that Dexter was slain at the conclusion of New Blood, Michael C. Hall is a huge question mark. Many Dexter fans would find it impossible for the show to resume without its star, but if Hall were to return in the future, it would have to be in some other capacity.

Dexter New Blood season 2

If a second season of Dexter were to be approved, Jack Alcott as Harrison Morgan, Julia Jones as Police Chief Angela Bishop, and Johnny Sequoyah as Audrey Bishop might all return, despite the fact that Alano Miller as Sergeant Logan won’t after his death in season one.

The original cast member Jennifer Carpenter, who played a fictitious version of Dexter’s late sister Debra during the most recent run, would most likely also need to return in any second season.

What Could Happen in a Second Season of Dexter: New Blood?

According to Phillips, a second season of New Blood would probably focus on Harrison, Dexter’s grown son, after Dexter’s death in the series finale.

He explained to Deadline that Harrison is a complex guy who carries the seeds of the evil passenger. He is competent. Look at how Dexter was defeated in the conclusion; Harrison feels compelled to destroy this man.

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Harrison also approaches the vigilantism of it all from a different angle than Dexter did, which surprised Dexter somewhat, and he continued. He exudes a sense of optimism and youth as if he and his father were Batman and Robin. Consider the number of lives we are saving every time we kill one of these evil men and prevent a murder. Dexter had never considered that. Dexter only killed criminals because that was his code of conduct.

Although the details of Harrison’s storyline are still unknown, it is expected that it will continue the tragic events of the first season.