Detective Pikachu 2 Is Going to happen?

Do you know this super cute character?  😍 It Pikachu from a well-known movie, Detective Pikachu which was released last year, in 2019, with a huge success. Most of the Pokémon and Pikachu fans were already excited about the movie. Movie with Cute Pikachu?

Who doesn’t love it? Anyone, who hasn’t heard about Pokémon before also watch the movie because of its video getting viral all over the internet, tiktok, and other platforms. The Official Trailer of Detective Pikachu has over 75 Million views.

Isn’t this GREAT! Now, with all this Success and of course Money, fans are expecting there will be Detective Pikachu 2.

Detective Pikachu 2

“Whoa…Did you just understand me? Oh My God! You can understand me!”

Do you remember who said this line?

Let’s read the full news about this Movie and see if there will be a sequel of the famous movie or not?

Before heading further let’s watch the trailer of detective Pikachu.

Is Detective Pikachu 2 is going to happen?

Detective Pikachu, which was originally released on 2 May 2019 worldwide was a great hit. The action-comedy movie earns a lot of money i.e. $433 Million worldwide. With the huge fan base, Pokémon and Pikachu possess we all knew the movie will be a hit. With so much success we can at least expect the Sequel.

Detective Pikachu 2 is surely going to happen!

Yeah, you heard it right. The legendary Pictures releases a statement on 25 January 2020, that they have hired Oren Uziel and he is going to work on the script of Detective Pikachu 2.

He has previously worked on the Men in Black: International and Sonic the Hedgehog movie, which we all know were GREAT. Now, the thing is clear that Detective Pikachu's sequel is going to happen for sure but when? We don't know

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When is Detective Pikachu 2 going to release?

Although there is no official statement regarding the release date we can’t expect the movie to be in 2020. The first part of this movie, Detective Pikachu was released on 2 May 2019. Now the initial movie production was started in January and went to May and we can expect this with this movie too. If everything goes well and the production starts soon, we can see the movie in 2021.

Moreover, Warner Bros has an “Event film” coming up in February 2021.

Who is going to Cast in Detective Pikachu 2?

Detective Pikachu 2 cast

The Movie will not remain as much entertaining as before if fans are not going to hear Ryan Reynold's voice. The most important character of movie or the voice over artist, Our Deadpool is definitely going to back as Pikachu.

But, But, But

Here’s a twist *Spoiler Alert*

We know from the ending of Detective Pikachu that Tim was able to hear the voice of Pikachu because Mewtwo had sent Harry’s intentions in the Pokémon in order to save him. Now, the Danger went Ryan, going to act as Tim’s father.

Talking about the main character, we know Justice Smith will going to back as Tim Goodman.

Moreover, the other possible comeback will be –

  • Ken Watanabe as Detective Yoshiba
  • Kathryn Newton as Lucy Stevens.

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What will be the Storyline of Detective Pikachu 2?

Nothing is officially released and we can’t make a point in these topics but what we can tell you are the theories and possibilities. Fans are making a lot of possibilities, which to be honest seems Pretty Reasonable.

The First theory is Tim and Harry working against Crime. As we know, the Danger is gone and harry has returned back to normal. So, both the Duo can solve some of the serious Crime, which will be interesting to watch.

Another possibility is Tim getting in trouble and his father and Pikachu helping him. As the movie was named on Pikachu so how can we sideline him?

Do you have any theory in your mind? Comment us down

How people reacted to this news?

We know every Pokémon and Pikachu lover loves this movie and you are one of them, that why you are here 😉

So, like you there are many people who are excited about the sequel let’s see there reaction.

yes, yes, yes, I am waiting and I am waiting. Since it was promised to us that we know somewhere the Detective Pikachu 2 is going to come. Let’s wait a little longer 😊”

Ok! So I have just finished the Detective Pikachu and it is really Amazing. Then I searched a little bit and got to know that there will be its sequel. Like whattt? 😍”

My friend recommended me to watch this movie in Lockdown and I am glad that I did. Such a great movie and story. I have watched it like 5 times since then. Ryan Reynold’s voice it just great. TBH This one is the best one till this date

Famous dialogue of Detective Pikachu

Gif of Detective Pikachu

  • You’re adorable! They can't understand me, kid
  • I don’t need a Pokémon. Period
  • So there I was, I woke up with a heavy case of amnesia in the middle of nowhere, the only clue to my past is Harry’s name and address inside this hat. So I made my way to the apartment, and that’s when I found you, and your stapler gun
  • I could stop whenever I want. These are just choices
  • There’s magic that brought us together. And that magic… is hope
  • Oh, no. he’s going down hard, Tim. Should have worn a helmet.
  • So let me get this right, we’re forced to listen to this spa music so your head doesn’t explode and kill us all?


Detective Pikachu 2, the sequel of Detective Pikachu, is confirmed to release but we don’t know when. The Entertainment company confirms that they have Oren Uziel for writing the script. We’ll update you soon if any news releases regarding the movie or related to the movie. Keep checking Keeperfacts from time to time for various news related to movies, web series, and more.

We hope you find this article helpful. If you have anything to say, you can comment to us down. We’ll love to hear from you.

Frequently asked questions

1. Will there be a sequel to Detective Pikachu?

Yes, they're gonna be a sequel as it was already announced back in 2019 by Legendary Entertainment. They have assigned the task of making the script to Oren Uziel.

2. Is Ash Ketchum in Detective Pikachu?

The main protagonist of the Pokémon cartoon is not in the movie. Although the Pokémon are there characters are different. You’ll understand it well once you watch the movie.

3. Was Detective Pikachu a success?

Detective Pikachu is one of the highest-grossing animation movie, directed by Rob Letterman and Warner Bros. The movie sold millions of tickets worldwide and earn over $433 Million dollars.

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