Descendants of the Sun Season 2 : Know Everything About It?


Last updated on 29th January, 2022

Descendants of the sun is an romantic , action and melodrama of a South Korean TV series which was released back in the year 2016 and I know you still remember the series.


Descendants of the Sun Season 2 is a hot topic of discussion as Season 1 of this drama series, it is highly popular across Asia, with a rise in tourism in Korea.

Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation named the series as the most popular show of the year which is having an audience share of 38.8% and was a hit show in South Korea.

At the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards, Descendants of the Sun received many awards like winning the Grand Prize.


So, it was a lovely and famous drama series in which a soldier falls in love with a doctor but they have to apart from each other because of their profession.

Descendants of the sun 2

There were 16 episodes in season 1 having 3 extra special episodes in which favourite scenes and shoots behind the drama are shown by them.

The production team has confirmed the 2nd part of this drama but no details are given when you see the season 2 of Descendants of the Sun.

Genre Romantic,Action
Number of seasons 1
Number of episodes 16
Director Lee Eung Bok
Streaming sites Netflix

International Recognition is also received by the actors of this drama and the series' local adaptation is shown in China, Vietnamese and Philippines.

This show runs for 60 min each on KBS2 platform and this time filming of the drama for 2nd part may take place in Greece.


What Will Be the Plot or Story for Season 2 of Descendants of the Sun?

The original Descendants of the Sun was aired 5 years ago i.e in the year 2016 and it is a good season having a perfect story.

In Season 1 of this drama, you have seen that the story revolves around the 4 cast members -Yoo Shi Jin, Dr Kang Mo Yeon, Seo Dae Yeong and Yoon Myung Ju.

In the story Kang Mo Yeon is a doctor and works at HAesung Hospital and one day she met Yoo Shi Jin who is a special force officer and they both fell in love with each other but due to their profession they didn't give much time to each other which makes them seprated in a short time.

Descendants of the Sun 2

After some time she was sent to Uruk by a wealthy director to teach her a lesson because she turned him down when this wealthy director approached Kang Mo Yeon( doctor) in her hospital.

In Uruk, by coincidence she again meets Shi Jin and again they fall in love with each other. There is also another couple Yoon Myung Ju who is a doctor in soldiers and falls in love with Seo Dae Yeong.

Both couples helped out the people living there from an earthquake which occurred there and overcame the hurdles faced by them and led a happy life in season 1.

As there is no information when the drama comes or who are the members in the cast of season 2. So we can’t say anything as there is no information regarding plot till now it comes out, that what will be the story of season 2?

We will update you when new information will leak out about anything and also plot for the season 2 of Descendents of the Sun.

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Release Date of Descendants of the Sun Season 2

Descendants of the Sun 2

From some sources we get the information that Season 2 is already under- production, but we don’t know if it is actually in under-production as no exact release date is confirmed for this 2nd Season. We may expect that the season may come back in the year 2022 if everything may go well and life comes to its track from such a pandemic situation all over the world. We will definitely update you when the release date comes.

However, we also heard that Song Joong ki and Song Hye Kyo will not be in the cast of Season 2 due to their personal life problems.

The plot of the story may be similar to the first one with some changes in it.

The information has been taken from the source

Watch Descendants of the Sun-

  • Netflix
  • WeTV
  • Apple TV
  • Hulu
  • Viki

You can watch this romantic melodrama on your favourite networks and also with more than 40 subtitles available on Viki.

People Also Asked Questions-

Is Descendants of the Sun Based on a True Story?

In Descendants of the Sun, the Soldiers shown were based on a real life battalion and also the 707th Special Mission Battalion special corps are from the Republic of Korea Army Special Warfare Command.

Does Sergeant Seo die in Descendants of the Sun?

Yes, Sergeant Major Seo Dae Young with Yoo were badly wounded by the militia and they are declared dead by the Korean Army in Descending of the Sun.

What do the Soldiers in Descendants of the Sun say?

In English Language it looks like ‘I Serve to my country’, when all the time they sound like ‘ban gyul’ in the season.

Why is it called the descendants of the sun?

The PD added, “I had no idea that the drama would be so successful.” When asked about the title of the drama, he said, “Just as how the sun gives light to other people, we decided on the title because the selfless personalities of the main characters is a source of warmth for the people around them.”

Why are descendants of the sun so good?

If you ask me, then i say Descendants of the Sun is a lovely drama with a good plot, marvelous landscapes and beautiful cast members.

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Descendants of the Sun Trailer

Last Lines

Till then you can watch Descendants of the Sun Season 1 official trailer until Season 2 comes before you.till this time if you have not seen this drama then watch it on available platforms and catch all episodes of it.

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