Defamation allegations made by Puneet Vashisht: Sooraj Pancholi and late Disha Salian parents filed a complaint on a Facebook post.


Sooraj Pancholi and Disha Salian parents filed a separate complaint against Puneet Vashiaht Facebook post days after Sushant Singh Rajput death who briefly managed the late actor.

According to the sources, complaint lodged on Friday at Mumbai’s Versova police station. Sooraj Pancholi had filed a complaint letter in urged for the strict action against unnecessary claims against Sooraj Pancholi in Sushant Singh Rajput case. 

Meanwhile, Disha Salian’s mother also files a separate complaint at Malvani police station against Puneet Vashiaht for affront her daughter.

In the letter, Sooraj Pancholi writes that he is set false statements against me and used Devilish stories are planted in social media by Mr Puneet Vashisht and interconnecting the link in Sushant Singh Rajpoot and Disha case requesting that he should be dealt with legal procedures.

Complain letter of Pancholi presents the June 30, Facebook post as a piece of evidence in front of police in which Vashiaht has charged defamatory allegations on Sooraj, Disha and few Bollywood actors.

On July 2, Puneet Vashisht, though, edited the post and added “forwarded” before it, indicates that it was sent by someone else, said police. The post is shared multiple times.

Senior Inpector Rajendra Thakur, Versova police station shared with Indian Express that a complaint was received last week by Disha’s parents accusing Vasisht of putting up defaming posts against her and requesting the matter to be dealt severely with the foresaid.

The officer told that the posted was not only shared on Facebook but across on other social media platforms. 

After so much of false claims and media pressure, Disha Salian’s parents wrote an additional letter to Mumbai police over constantly chased by media absurd post.

That my mother thinks that I am going to hurt myself. She contacts me so many times in a day. After Sushant’s death, she calls me and asks me if there is any problem or any issue you can share with us. As I am a quiet person, I don’t talk a lot when I am depressed, I don’t discuss with my family about anything, and I don’t want them to get into any stress because of me.

On Wednesday, this is the screen short shared by Sooraj Pancholi just to claim that the picture shared was a fake. “Complete bullsh*t!! #F*ckYouFakeMEDIA Is this the media we are supposed to trust?? That girl in the picture which was clicked in 2016 is not “Disha Salian” that is my friend @agaur21 (Anushri Gaur) who doesn’t even live in India. Start being responsible for your actions as it can ruin someone’s life!

No FIR has been registered by Mumbai police by both complaints.

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