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Deep Blue Sea, Renny Harlin’s 1999 big-budget movie, returned the shark to summer blockbusters with grand grandeur and a big focus on action. Deep Blue Sea 2 was released in 2018 without much fanfare or critical acclaim, despite the genetically enhanced sharks accomplishing something the preceding sharks could not: escaping captivity to hunt in the open ocean.

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While the second instalment of this aquatic action-horror trilogy continues the dangling shark story line from part two, it tries to right the ship and recapture the first film’s feeling of epic-scaled excitement.

Deep Blue Sea 3 actress Tania Raymonde stars as Emma Collins, a marine researcher on the tiny, abandoned island of Little Happy who is investigating the impacts of climate change on great white sharks with her crew. With the arrival of Deep Blue Sea 2’s fugitive bull sharks and the scientific team entrusted with recapturing them – commanded by Emma’s ex, Richard – they’re pushed into a struggle for survival with the remaining two people of this collapsing fishing town.

Deep Blue Sea 3 Release date

On Tuesday, July 28, 2020, Deep Blue Sea 3 will be accessible to watch on most VOD platforms (including iTunes, Amazon, and others).

The Beginning

This is usually where I’d tell you about the narrative of the original theatrical release, but since Deep Blue Sea 3 is a sequel to a prior DTV sequel, I’ll tell you about it here. Not surprisingly, the first and second movie have similar plots. Deep Blue Sea 2 is set in an undersea laboratory deep below the ocean’s surface that houses top-secret shark intelligence research.

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Trouble on the surface traps people below, as artificially modified sharks eat everyone they come across. A smart female scientist and a tough shark wrangler are the only ones who can stop the menace, and yes, I’m still talking about Deep Blue Sea 2.

The gang battles young sharks beneath the surface and full-grown clever sharks above, with the human characters quickly transformed into chum along the way. It concludes, as do most films concerning facilities on the ocean floor, with the lab’s destruction. The survivors make one last fight, sharks are blown off screen, and the Earth is once again secure from fish with greater IQs than you… A modified female and her new pups, however, swim off into the darkness beneath the waters. See More – The Blacklist Season 9: There Is a 2 Year Time Jump in the New Season After Keen Death!

Deep Blue Sea 3 Plot

Little Happy Island is a little sadder now that it has been abandoned due to global warming and increasing sea levels. What was once a thriving community of two hundred people living in a tiny fishing hamlet constructed atop a coral reef is now devoid of human life.

Dr. Emma Collins, who leads a small team of researchers researching the impacts of climate change on the area’s sea life, starting with the apex predator – Great White sharks, is almost barren. She’s already seen changes in the local shark population’s behavior, but things take a turn for the worst when a trio of bio-engineered bull sharks invades their underwater refuge.

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The advent of a research vessel manned by underwater mercenaries hired to track down the sharks that escaped from a lab adds to the confusion (at the end of Deep Blue Sea 2). They’ve brought along their own scientist, but while the others are content to slaughter the creatures, Dr. Richard Lowell hopes to bring them in alive. Oh, and he’s Emma’s ex, which further muddies the waters. Emma and her team — three assistants and two locals – are forced into a struggle for life far more imminent than climate change, caught between lethal sharks and ruthless gangsters.

Deep Blue Sea 3 Casting

Taniya Raymonde as Dr. Emma

Reina Aoi as Miya

Nathaniel Buzolic as Dr. Richard

Bren Foster as Lucas

Emerson Brooks as Eugene Shaw

Alex Bhat as Spin

Will there be a Deep Blue Sea 4? When it will release?

Between the release dates of ‘Deep Blue Sea’ and ‘Deep Blue Sea 2,’ there was a huge gap. Obviously, no one thought of a sequel immediately away, and the second instalment came out in 2018. The series has gained up speed since then. The filming for ‘Deep Blue Sea 3′ began in 2019 and will be released on July 28, 2020. If ‘Deep Blue Sea 4‘ follows a similar timeline, it will begin production in 2022 and be released in summer 2023. All of this, of course, is contingent on the fourth instalment being approved.

Deep Blue Sea 4 – What is it about?

The search for genetically modified bull sharks is a recurrent topic in both ‘Deep Blue Sea 2′ and ‘Deep Blue Sea 3′. The sharks turn against their masters in the second part, and an overzealous scientist goes on the quest for these sharks in the third section. So, what can we expect from ‘Deep Blue Sea 4′?

It’s possible that we’ll see the upgraded bull sharks again. The film may follow in the footsteps of classic shark films, with dangerous predators attacking people near a popular beach. Alternatively, we may witness a single ship at sea surrounded by sharks. Because the franchise like to leave choices open, the possibilities are endless. Other sharks may be genetically modified, resulting in an entirely different story.

There will, however, be a conceptual connection. The story revolves on a man against nature theme, in which humanity’s arrogance has produced a monster that is now destroying it. Perhaps there is a deeper message here about how we treat the world we live on, but ‘Deep Blue Sea 4′ is not a film that will leave you thinking. Instead, it will provide the same tension and action that has distinguished this series since its inception. See also – The Nevers Part 2: The Nevers Part 2 Is Not Coming in 2021!


I’m as shocked as the rest of you, but Deep Blue Sea 3 is fantastic. It’s entertaining, thrilling, well-acted, and visually appealing throughout (minus the aforementioned CG, obviously). The characters are interesting enough, and while the film doesn’t go to great lengths to develop them out, there’s enough meat on their bones to care.

If you want your sharks to be more serious and scarier, avoid this and instead watch The Reef (2010), but if you’re looking for some somewhat cheesy fun in your animal-attack diet, this is the dish for you.

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