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Strangers Things Makers Working on Death Note Live Action Project!

death note live action

A Death Note Live Action is in production. Yep. After the disastrous previous adaption by Netflix looks like they are back with another one. But there is hope in this one maybe. Read on to find more.

Death Note is masterpiece on its own. The 37 episodes long anime was huge hit worldwide. Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata are the creators of this Japanese manga series. The narrative centers on Light Yagami, a bright young man who comes across a strange notebook called the “Death Note,” which belongs to the Shinigami Ryuk and bestows upon its possessor the extraordinary power to assassinate a nobody name is written within its pages.   

The series is focused on Light's attempts to use the Death Note to carry out global purge of people he views as immoral and to establish society free from crime, using the alias of godlike vigilante named “Kira,” and the subsequent efforts of an elite Japanese police task force, led by enigmatic detective L, to capture him. 

Death Note started as a Manga

Shueisha published twelve volumes, containing all 108 chapters of the series, between April 2, 2004, and July 4, 2006. Viz Media acquired the rights to distribute the show in North America in English. All volumes of the manga are available on Viz Media. You can buy the Digital Bundle of the Manga which contains all twelve volumes and save a hefty amount of money.
There is All-in-One Edition of Death Note available in paperback which spans over 2400 pages. It contains all the twelve volumes along with previous published materials. It costs about $50.

Where can I stream the Death Note Anime?

 At the time of writing this article, most of the major streaming giants in anime have access to Death Note. You can watch the Death Note anime on Netflix.

Stranger Things Creators Working on a Death Note Live Action 

Upside Down Pictures, new production firm founded by the Duffer Brothers, will help Netflix produce more movies and television shows. Contrary to its name, Upside Down Pictures will produce more than simply series based on Strangers Things. In fact, the firm has already announced a number of other projects that it will start working on, including a live action Death Note adaptation. The prevision live action Death Note by Netflix was horrible. Hope, here it is not the case.

 Death Note Best Characters 

Light Yagami

By far the most engaging Death Note character in the series is the hero, Light Yagami, whose metamorphosis from an honor student to serial killer with god complex known as Kira is really interesting one. But what makes Ligheven more fascinating to observe is how he manipulates everyone and everything around him. Even if his network of falsehoods is ultimately exposed towards the conclusion, the journey itself is still incredibly gripping.
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One only needs to look at L's peculiar mannerisms and outlandish demeanor to understand why the world's greatest detective is also one of the best anime characters in history. 

His entire being including, his orphanage history and his antisocial personality, is designed to contrast with that of the attractive and well liked Light. 


Of course, discussing the top Death Note characters would be impossible without bringing about Ryuk, Shinigami who ultimately proved to be one of the show's most interesting characters. 
He may not have particularly compelling arc, but his overall hallmark of finding humanity fascinating endures throughout the entire series, making him one of the best Death Note characters. 

Misa Amane 

It's amazing how Misa Amane was able to overcome this obstacle and develop herself as a fantastic charater in her own way after first coming across as nothing more than an obsessive Kira fanatic herself with no other goals in life. One of the key elements that characteristics her character is the relationship she has with Rem and Light during the course of the series.This makes her an intriguing character whose scenes consistently had a characteristics strangeness that could only be achieved with her particular demeanor.

Sochiro Yagami 

It's ironic that the chief of the Kira Investigation team was searching for his own kid when he should have known better. Soichiro's tragic story is one of the strangest among Death Note main characters because it was his own optimism that would betray him.
No matter how most people may fell about the turn of the events, there is no disputing that Soichiro was a smart and brilliant guy whose passing was tragic.The  only solace he had was that he died thinking Kira wasn't his son.


The notion that a God of Death might fall in love with a person to the extent that they may be persuaded to carru out their will is evidence of how outstanding Rem is as a Death Note character. She never wastes words and always gets to the point.
Rem initially comes out as just another stoic Shinigami with a temperament that contrasts with Ryuk, but her love for Misa ultimately leads to her own death. She ultimately gives her life to to murder L and save Misa.

Naomi Misora 

One of the best and most intriguing Death Note characters in the entire series ended up being a  pivtol point of a character who only featured for one episode, which is credit to the show's excellent writing. 
After her husband dies, Naomi Misora makes every effort to get in touch with the leader of the Kira Investigation Teambut she only manages to run into the murderer, Light Yagami. 
Most of this is made possible by Naomi's smart thinking, right up to the very end when she messes up and tells Kira her real name. The resulting game of cat and mouse is undoubtedly one of the series' highlights and shows just how entertaining Death Note really can be. 
That's it guys for today. comment below your favorite characters from Death Note. Adios!
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