Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

Updated on 28 January 2022.

Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Season 2 is in lively debates nowadays, every anime lover is desiring for its second installment, and why not because the first one reaches the peak level of praises from the side of viewers.

Let’s have a quick recap about the series and then we will plunge into the second portion whether it is coming or not.

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody season 2

Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody is a Japanese anime series which is written by Hiro Ainana, a very famous writer of all time. It started serialization online in 2013 on the client-produced novel distributing site Shōsetsuka ni Narō until it was gained by Fujimi Shobo.

The first volume was printed in March 2014 which takes around eight-year to come out on the screens. The anime was for the series on March 29, 2018, by series adaptation by Silver Link and Connect.

The Death March is a story of a twenty-nine years old game programmer named Ichiro Suzuki. He used to do a lot of tasks daily like fixing out the bugs problems, he used to do his work even on the weekends which makes him sad.

One day, he wakes up and finds himself in a parallel universe that seems like a role-playing game. He becomes his own self-made character Satou. The plotline is amazingly unique which is the reason the fans are urging to get a season second but are we getting it or not? Let’s check.

Season Name

Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Season 2

Genre Anime series
Release Date Pending
Director  Tomoyuki Oowada
Streaming Platform Netflix
Lead Role  Kaya Okuno

Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Season 2- Release Date

The dates aren’t fixed at this but the Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Season 2 has chances to be out in maybe at the end of 2021 or at the start of 2022. However, they are just an estimation for the dates, when do we get the exact one then we will add the endorsed date in this section. Nothing Officially announced by hit and no updates regarding the second season.

Now let’s check about the storyline and the characters…

What Will Happen In The Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Season 2-

In the end, we see the present circumstance, a multitude of lizardmen ambushes him and falls upon him in order to hurt him.

In edginess, he utilizes every one of the three of his exceptional ‘Meteor Rain’ assault choices (a convenient solution he added to the game for fresh users which kills all adversaries nearby)  on the double and clears them full scale – unintentionally killing a divine being also.

Accordingly, his level leaps from 1 to 310, expanding his details tremendously and making him quite possibly the most influential individual on the planet.

With no real way to get back to his reality, and as a high-evened out explorer equipped with a heap of various physical, intellectual, and enchanted capacities and weapons, he decides to uncover the insider facts of this new world, acquiring the trust and fondness of numerous individuals simultaneously while keeping his overwhelmed details disguised.

In the second installment, we could hope to see some more fun acts and ups-downs in the life of our main hero.

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody season 2

Do We Have Any Official Teaser of Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Season 2?

The official teaser of the anime is not released at that time, the chances of the trailer being out is just two or three months before the actual release, so let wait a bit more to get the dates then we will hang out for the teaser.

Who Are In The Death March To The Parallel World?

In the anime we see a number of characters and hopes to see the same again in the next season, let’s recall the names from the start with their voice artists.

  • Ichirou Suzuki Voiced by Shun Horie (Japanese) Justin Briner (English).
  • Zena Marienteil Voiced by Rie Takahashi (Japanese) Julie Shields (English).
  • Pochi Voiced by Hiyori Kono (Japanese) Brittney Karbowski (English).
  • Tama Voiced by Kaya Okuno (Japanese) Margaret McDonald (English).
  • Liza Voiced by Minami Tsuda (Japanese) Brittany Lauda (English).
  • Arisa Voiced by Aoi Yūki (Japanese) Monica Rial (English).
  • Lulu Voiced by Marika Hayase (Japanese) Jill Harris (English).
  • Misanaria Bolenan Voiced by Airi Eino (Japanese) Tia Ballard (English).
  • Nana Voiced by Kiyono Yasuno (Japanese) Megan Shipman (English).

Well, the list is not ended here, maybe we are going to see some new characters and additional voice artists.

Where We Can Watch The Death March To The Parallel World Rhapsody Series?

If you haven’t watched the anime series yet but now thinking to start watching the “Death March” then below we have mentioned a handful of platforms that access you to watch the anime without any trouble.

Some More Platforms

  • 9anime.
  • AnimeDao.
  • Gogoanime.
  • Anime-Planet.
  • Soul Anime.
  • Side Real.
  • Anime Take

Final Words

Indeed, the dates aren’t established yet, However, there are chances to get the show soon, so we should hang tight for some future updates. As a substitute, you can go for the twelve episodes of the anime.

Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to end, do you have something to ask then if it’s not too much trouble, let me know in the remark segment.

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