Death March Season 2 – March of Prisoners | Trailer | Cast | Plot and More

Death March Season 2 is one of the best series that reveals the story of all the prisoners. Also, the story ends with the death of all the prisoners.

Death March Season 2

Death March– is one of the popular manga and anime series. Initially it was started as a web novel in 2013.

Before moving further I would like to ask a question…..Do you like manga and anime series that are related to battles or wars? I like these series and hope you also like to watch them.

We, all fans are waiting for the 2nd Season of Death March to get more information about it.

So, let’s have a look over the article. This article contains all the relevant information like what happens in the 2nd Season of Death March, the upcoming date of it, the trailer etc.

Death March Season 2

Death March Season 2

Death March Season 2 is a march of prisoners of war in which people are left to die on the way. It is directed by Shin Ōnuma and animated by Silver Link and Connect. On the way, the simple prisoner can only travel via foot march. Prisoners should be moved away from the danger zone as per the Article 19 of the Geneva Convention. But that is not for the sick or injured prisoners. This is just because it can be difficult to carry out at the time of war.

Death March Season 2

It is a well known fact that Death Marches feature harsh physical labor, abuse and neglect prisoner’s injury and illness. That deliberates starvation, dehydration, humiliation, torture and execution of those who are unable to keep marching.

The Death March ends at prisoner of war camp or internment camp. It may continue till the death of all prisoners.

I think the overview becomes successful to create excitement among all the fans. After reading the overview, even I am very excited to know briefly about the storyline…….

Keep scrolling to read the storyline in depth….

What happens in Death March Season 2? | The Storyline of the 2nd Season of Death March

The story of the 2nd Season of Death March starts with a 29- years old game programmer named, Ichiro Suzuki. He was supposed to fix so many technical issues in 2 MMORPGs. These issues are only for the company that Suzuki was looking for. He worked overtime to correct the bug.

The stress of his job gives a serious effect on his body. Then, he suddenly woke up and resembled the RPG games that he was working in his previous world.

In the new world, he enters by the name, Satou Pendragon. This was his nickname in the old world when he was running beta tests.

One question is revolving in my mind and even disturbing me completely. When Death March Season 2 will be on our screen?

The Premiere Date of Death March Season 2|When it will be on our screen?

I have disappointing news for all the fans, that release date of 2nd Season of Death March can’t come any faster. Right now, it is hard to know the exact release date as there is no confirmation of renewal of the 2nd season. Despite this, there is no such info related to cancellation of the series.

This is just because Silver Link, Connect and other companies haven’t given any comment over this. But this doesn’t mean that there is no chance of the show to return in future.

Death March Season 2 series is actually pretty and well –received among all the fans. This is the only reason that the studio and directors wouldn’t think of cancelling it.

Moreover, the Season 1 ended with a major cliffhanger. This suggests the studio to continue the story sometime in future. This gives big hope to all the fans for the next season.

But still we need exact confirmation/ official announcement for the premiere of Season 2 of Death March. We can expect the premiere in summer 2021.

march of prisonners

Don’t you want to watch the trailer of the 2nd Season to make your day more fantastic? I’m sure all of you (Okay, not all most of you) want.

Now, keep scrolling to have a sharp look over the trailer of Death March Season 2…

The Trailer of 2nd Season of Death March

The official trailer of the 2nd Season is not out yet. But I am going to share a video with you will help you to grasp more knowledge about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Death March Season 2?

It is both manga as well as an anime series.

What is it about?

It is a march of prisoners of war in which people are left to die on the way.

Final Words

Death March Season 2 is a popular series that tells the story of the prisoners who were left to die on the way. Right now there is no exact info regarding the premiere date of Death March Season 2. Death March gives harsh punishments to the prisoners who are unable to do marching.


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