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Looking for the action, adventurer comic book in which there is thriller, mystery and crime? Then look for Deadly class Comic in which you got everything in a single bowl.

In this comic book series you see the fantasy world where children are send to the school where killing is the skill, Murder is the art and all these skills are given to the students to make them best assassins.

This comic set in the period of eighties and revolves around the street student Marcus Lopez who didn’t has any interest in studies and on the run as he had done murder.

He also had no money and was wanted by the police and one day he was sent to this King’s Dominion high school where he got to know that students are sent by their parents here to become killers.

It is an action anime book which is published by Image Comics and Rick Remender is the writer of the comic book. Wesley Craig gave illustration to this Deadly Comic book and Lee Loughridge gave colors to the comic.

The 2019 Television series is also adapted from the same comic book and it also has the same name which is known as the live action series which premiered on January 16, 2019 on Syfy.

If you want to read more about the Deadly Class Tv series then you can click on the above link to read everything about the series.

Who Are the Characters of Deadly Class Comic Book

Deadly Class Comic

These are the Characters which are played well in this Deadly Class Comic-

  • Marcus Lopez Arguello. He is a school student who is not interested in school studies and is wanted by Police and affected by Trauma. He is the new teenage boy who is admitted to the school.
  • Saya Kuroki, at Kings Dominion she is the leader of Kuroki Syndicate and she uses her favourite weapon Katana which is given by her family.
  • William Lewis known as the sharpshooter and the best friend of Marcus. In King Dominion he is a member of the Final World Order.
  • Mario Esperanza Salazar is the current girlfriend of Marcus and before this she was Chico’s girlfriend and a member of Soto Vatos.
  • King Dominion Headmaster is Master Lin who is cruel and heartless.
  • Joseph Stalin’s son is Viktor who is the brute from Russia and many more.

What is the Story of Deadly Class Comics?

Deadly Class Comic

There is a student named Marcus Lopez. He is a school student and didn’t love his school and studies as he can’t focus in his class. He then spend to the Dominion high school and given training for the killing and doing murder. He became one of the best assassins from that school.

Do You Want to Read Deadly Class Comics Online?

If yes, then read this action and adventurous comic of Marcus Lopez who is an assassination and admited to the high school of killing on this Deadly Class Comic online where can read its all Deadly class Issue.

Deadly Class Comic Ending

The deadly class comic ends with the the deadly class #52 and you can also look on Amazon for its collection from #48 to #52 where you may see that dark secrets are revealed again and many of them have done wrongs as the teenagers of Kings Domain. Old enemies come back and all the students are reunited once again for the rear time.

Are Deadly Class Comic Books available?

Deadly Class Comic

Yes, you can also read or purchase 7 books of Deadly Class Comics from Amazon and from

You can also order or purchase the deadly class comic 8 volumes on and it's upon you which volume you want to purchase. These are the names of the volumes of Deadly Class Comic-

  • Volume 1: Reagan Youth
  • Volume 2: Kids of the Black Hole
  • Volume 3: The Snake Pit
  • Volume 4: Die for Me
  • Volume 5: Carousel
  • Volume 6: This is Not the End
  • Volume 7: Love Like Blood
  • Volume 8: Never Go Back

Deadly Class Comic Review

The Deadly Class Comic first volume got 3.6 ratings with 1225 reviews on the and most viewers love this street kid story.

Is There Any Trailer for This Comic?

There is no trailer for the comic book series but you can watch its TV series trailer which is based on the same comic and here it is given-

Last Lines

Deadly Class Comic is the series which is a good one and also a TV series is made of the same name which is adopted from the comic book. There are many anime series or web series which you can read on Keeperfacts and then watch them if you like it.