Daybreak 2: Why Aron Eli Coleite Tweets This On His Account?

“That's Me Josh And I Have Got A Killer Origin Story.” Just a dialogue from the Daybreak, and now it's time for the Daybreak 2, but what are the statements of Netlflix on this, want to know what I am talking about then continue reading below.

Daybreak Season 2

Daybreak is an American drama that is full of comedy. It is available to stream online. The series is created by two names Brad Peyton and Aron Eli Coleite. The Daybreak was premiere on October 24, 2019, on the streaming Netflix.

The series has the following star cast Colin Ford, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Sophie Simnett, and Austin Crute with some featuring actors name Jeanté Godlock, Gregory Kasyan, and Krysta Rodriguez.

The daybreak is stated as one of the funny comedy-drama with some mocking humor in it. The series has got some positive reviews from the critics and from the audience as well.

I think it's enough for season one. Now talking more about season 2, what happened to the creators? Why Netflix cancels the show? Why Co-creator tweeted the cancellation statement?

We are going to give the answers to this query and going to answer everything we know so far about the second installment.

Is There Any Actual Release For The Daybreak Season 2?

Well, the news I am going to tell you is not a good one, if you are a true Daybreak fan then this will break your heart. The Daybreak is canceled by Netflix, after the first installment.

Co-Creator, Aron Coleite revealed this heartbreaking news for the fans, that there won't be another season of the Daybreak.

The Fans are not happy with that even I am too 🙁 but we could not do anything in this, we could only hope for the creators to change their minds and renews the show.

daybreak 2

Star Cast of Daybreak Season 2

As per the news, there are little chances of the renewal if this kind of situation happens, then we are going to cover that too, till then stay tuned with us at If this happens then the cast will remains the same.

  • Colin Ford.
  • Alyvia Alyn Lind.
  • Sophie Simnett.
  • Austin Crute.
  • Cody Kearsley.
  • Jeanté Godlock.
  • Gregory Kasyan.
  • Krysta Rodriguez.

Daybreak IMDb And Other Rating

The Ratings of this drama are quite generous IMDB has given this a total of 6.7/10 mean while rotten tomatoes have given 70%. We have mentioned some of the reviews from the IMDb users, just for you, have a look at them for better understanding.

Users Reaction To This Drama


“I don't understand why people are being so hard on this show….but it is much better than the current rating. It's fun…a lot of violence and thrills and laughs…it never tries to be anything other than what it is. I loved it!”
“It seems like EVERY show gets dragged down these days because IMDb is full of so many trolls. Give it a chance.”

Good show

It's not completely original and it's based on a book but it's a good show. People that only watched 1 or 2 episodes shouldn't be allowed to rate a series. It's ridiculous given the fact a show can find its footing midseason.
“This show is relevant and pretty comical. The production value is awesome as well. I can't speak too much without spoilers but I say give it…”

A decent watch

richardmorte24 October 2019
“Look, it isn't breaking bad or GOT but it is a very decent time killer. Made me laugh at least twice an episode. I enjoyed the frequent breaking of the fourth wall, the gross humor and expectation flipping.”
Umm, what are your reviews on this? If, you have watched this drama, then also share your reviews with us in our comment section, we would love to read them 🙂
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Daybreak Dialogues

  • “A Yamashiro katana, Honshu Province. Television taught me every good sword has a name. I mean, Excalibur, Vorpal, Longclaw, Sting… Needle! I shall name mine… Sam. “
  • “This is love, and love is more important than boobs.”
  •  “I’m not good at spelling. I’m good at war!”
  • “You can run but you can’t hide, sucka!”
  • “Your superpower is your honesty. Radical honesty.”
  •  “Nice is what you say when you have nothing else to say about someone.”

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Is There Trailer For The Daybreak Season 2?

No, there is no sense for the Daybreak second Trailer, because as stated above there is no Daybreak again. This is confirmed by Netflix, want to know more about this, then have a look at this informative video that we have mentioned below.

Final Words

As stated above the Daybreak Season 2 is not happening again, Netflix confirmed this but haven't mentioned a solid reason for this CANCELLATION. There are very fewer chances of the renewal of this series, in the meantime, you can find an alternate of this series.

We have to try to make this article informative for our lovely readers, if you find this article informative then let us know in our comment section below.

Also, if you have any query related to the daybreak, then feel free to ask us directly at our mail or in the comment section, we would love to answer your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-What is the actual release date of Daybreak 2?

A-There is no official release date for Daybreak Season 2 because it was clearly announced by Netflix that there won't be Daybreak's second installment. Even the co-creator also confirmed this news and tweeted recently on Twitter about the “Cancellation.”

Q-Why Netlflix canceled Daybreak 2?

A-Co-Creator, Aron Coleite revealed this heartbreaking news for the fans, that there won't be another season of the Daybreak. In his tweet he thanks the audience and the daybreak fans for the heartwarming love and also shows his regret about the cancellation, but no solid reason is clarified for the cancellation.

Q-Who created the Daybreak?

A-Aron Eli Coleite is the creator of this post-apocalyptic drama, Daybreak. Now there is no story for Daybreak season 2.

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