What is Hobby Lobby’s Founder David Green’s Net Worth as of 2022?

American entrepreneur David Green founded the Hobby Lobby brand of art and craft stores. He provided the majority of the funding for American evangelical groups, including the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.

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As of October 2022, David Green has a estimated net worth of $13.5 Billion.

Quick Facts About David Green

Name  David Green
D.O.B Nov 13, 1941
Gender Male
Spouse Barbara
Profession Businessperson
Net Worth $13.5 Billion

David Green’s Early Life and Career

David Green, who was born on Nov 13, 1941 in Oklahoma City, was raised in a low-income household. He was raised in a somewhat strict Christian home by a preacher father.

Green and Larry Pico established a home business in 1970, assembling and selling small picture frames, while Green was still a store manager for the TG&Y chain of variety stores. Greco Products, a company, profited from a current decorating trend.

David Green Net Worth

Eventually, Green acquired Pico, and the expanding company hired cerebral palsy patients to work in a small factory for ten cents each frame.

By August 1972, the emphasis had shifted to arts and crafts, and the company had prospered to the point where Green and his wife were able to construct a Hobby Lobby store in northwest Oklahoma City, measuring 300 square feet.

After working for TG&Y for 13 years, Green quit the company in 1975 and started a second Hobby Lobby store with 6,000 square feet of space.

Giving It All Away…And Getting It All Back Again, written in 2017 with co-author Bill High, explores Green’s prosperity theological perspective that tithing ensures God’s protection and emphasizes God’s attention on future generations.

Museum of the Bible

Green contributed $500 million toward building the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. 3,800 antique items discovered in the Hobby Lobby warehouse were returned to the Republic of Iraq in 2017, according to a statement made by U.S.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 11,500 more artefacts were delivered to Egypt and Iraq in 2020. Additionally, a significant number of papyrus fragments thought to be a component of the Dead Sea Scrolls were found to be fakes.

David Green Net Worth

The museum received between $2 million and $5 million from the Paycheck Protection Program to keep 249 employment, according to a Forbes magazine report from July 2020 (with an estimated yearly average wage between $38,000 and $97,000).

An official from the museum told that the museum “asked for and received a PPP loan to pay our personnel while the museum had to stay closed, taking in no other money.”

What is the Net Worth of David Green?

Forbes estimates that David Green‘s net worth is $13.5 billion. From a single 300-square-foot store in Oklahoma City, his business has expanded to 970 sites, with $7.7 billion in annual sales.

The company specializes in selling more than 65,000 items in-store, such as arts and crafts supplies, furniture, baskets, fabrics, needlework, silk flowers, and party supplies. David Green founded the business and still serves as its CEO.

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Final Words

David Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby and an impoverished preacher’s son, used a $600 loan to launch his first craft store in 1970.

David Green, He still works six days a week as Hobby Lobby’s CEO and is a devoted Christian. The Museum of the Bible, which debuted in Washington, D.C., in 2017, was built by him and his family for $500 million.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are David Green’s Wife and Children?

Green and his wife Barbara reside in the southwest part of Oklahoma City. They jointly own Hobby Lobby with their three kids. The founder and CEO of Mardel Christian & Education and Every Tribe Entertainment is the eldest son, Mart Green.

Steve Green founded and provided the majority of the funding for the Museum of the Bible, is the president of Hobby Lobby, and is a supporter of the Green Collection. The Hobby Lobby stores’ creative director is Darsee Lett‘s daughter.

What Year Was David Green Born?

The age of David Green is 80.

How Does David Green Define His Religion?

An evangelical Christian, David Green. He fully trusts the Bible to be accurate.