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Rob Savage was one of the few filmmakers to benefit from the Pandemic Years. (No, that wasn’t the only scary thing that happened, so it’s called a horror movie.) his film Host, which was praised as one of the best movies of 2020, was shot entirely on a group Zoom call.

Now, Savage’s second movie, DASHCAM, which made its debut at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, gets a new trailer before it comes out on June 3. If the title hasn’t already given it away, the trailer will. This is not to be confused with the other DASHCAM last year. Like Host, it uses a lot of different ways to make a movie.

Rob Savage is directing DASHCAM, and Jason Blum, Douglas Cox, and Savage are in charge of making it for Blumhouse Productions. Annie Hardy, Angela Enahoro, and Amar Chadha-Patel all play roles in it. It was first shown at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2021, where it came in second place for the Midnight Madness People’s Choice Award. It did well at festivals, including the BFI London Film Festival and Sitges in 2021.

Release Date of Dashcam

Dashcam Movie

People worldwide tried to find creative ways to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine rules that followed. For example, director Rob Savage wrote, filmed, and released the horror movie Host, praised by fans of the genre. Blumhouse Productions noticed how well the adventure went, and they hired him to make a new movie, which turned out to be Dashcam. The Dashcam has been shown at several festivals and now has an official release date. The film’s just-released trailer shows how scary the experience will be. Check out the Dashcam trailer below before it comes out on June 3 in theatres and on-demand.

In the movie, “During the lockdown, musician Annie has been live streaming with her fans and turning their comments into rap lyrics as she drives around downtown Los Angeles. Annie is tired of her pandemic lifestyle, so she runs away to the U.K. to see her old bandmate Stretch and live streams the whole trip. Stretch’s girlfriend is annoyed by her arrival and behavior, and when she comes along on his food delivery job, she makes a mess.

Dashcam Movie Plot

Dashcam Movie

Found footage as a film style has been around for decades, but screen-life, in which the video is recorded on a computer or phone screen, is a newer take on the style. This subgenre has a lot of potential because it gives creative filmmakers new ways to tell stories. The good news for these filmmakers is that Rob Savage’s Dashcam has given them a perfect example of what not to do.

The bad news is that this new horror movie is a boring waste of time that doesn’t do anything new or exciting. Dashcam sets up its story quickly; even though it runs for about 75 minutes, still too long. Annie Hardy, played by the same-named indie rock singer, is a musician and right-wing troll from Los Angeles who moves to London with her MAGA hat and the phone she uses to live-stream impromptu concerts. Her goal was the home of Stretch (Amar Chadha-Patel), a former bandmate who now works as a food delivery driver.

Annie talks to the live-stream viewers who cheer her on between bad freestyle raps and rants about mask laws. Stretch’s girlfriend doesn’t have to put up with the spoiled brat for long before she gets tired of him. But Stretch is less likely to kick her out for reasons that are never made clear because the movie doesn’t care much about character building or growth beyond cliches. Annie takes his car and phone while the two of them fight.

Dashcam gets going when she jokes about taking a delivery order that comes in on Stretch’s phone. Annie ends up at a chip shop, where the owner asks her to take a woman who seems to be sick to another place for a lot of money. Annie agrees, but it’s not long before the woman gets more upset and dangerous. When Stretch finds Annie, the weird situation turns into a paranormal fight to the death.

The Blair Witch Project influences Savage. Still, where that movie did an excellent job of creating a tense atmosphere, Savage seems to want to make an impression by having a character who is always annoying fight vaguely scary things. Or who is easy to hate and transport for as they are killed. And don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of horror movies with annoying characters that you still want to cheer for. But Annie’s annoying personality and Dashcam’s attempts to show how divided politics are today are neither clever nor effective.

Instead, it is a cheap way to try to get people angry quickly. Unfortunately, and I would think that a movie primarily about the internet would know this, Annie’s offensive comments are so one-note and familiar to anyone who has read a comment section in the last year and a half that there’s not much to be shocked about. If Dashcam had given Annie some depth, it wouldn’t have been enough to save the whole movie, but at least it would have tried to do something interesting instead of just being boring.

Even though the main character is very annoying, the most frustrating thing about the movie is still how it is going. Savage’s last project was the Zoom-horror movie Host, so he has a stake in the screen-life mode. This makes it all the more frustrating that he doesn’t seem to want to use the format’s tools.

Dashcam Movie

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Watch Dashcam | Prime Video.

What Is Dashcam Movie About?

At the pandemic’s start, a lazy and self-centered live streaming improv musician leaves L.A. for London, steals her ex-car and bandmate’s, and gives a ride to an older woman who is not what she seems to be.

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