Dash and Lily Was Cancelled by Netflix After One Season!

Netflix’s ‘Dash and Lily tells the story of two teenagers who meet in New York during the holiday season. This romantic comedy series is actually based on a short film of the same name, which was shown on Vimeo in 2017. Netflix bought the rights to turn it into a TV series and it was released on November 24, just before the holiday season.

 Dash and Lily

Lily is an 18-year-old artist. She is a young woman with a wild imagination who struggles to cope with her father’s death. Her mother is never home, busy with her new boyfriend, who happens to be Lily’s art teacher at school.


The show also stars Chris Potter (Miles), Ebon Moss-Bachrach (Ben), Grace Gummer (Molly), Jason Ralph (Billy), Jillian Nelson (Stephanie), Pat Healy (Mr. Green), Shane McRae (Raymond) and Shannon Woodward (Nina).

The Storyline of ‘dash and Lily’

Lily works at Strand bookstore as an employee. One night, she received a mysterious red notebook from a customer, who Netflix’s original movie about the holiday season, ‘Dash and Lily’ is a Christmas movie for young adults. The series is set in New York and follows the love story of Dash and Lily, who met at The Strand bookstore and started their own book club.

Even though they were just spending time together studying for their exams, they fell in love. As they try to figure out what they mean to each other, they find clues in a red notebook that leads them to certain places in New York.

 Dash and Lily

Dash and Lily is a Netflix original that’s set to premiere on November 7 with all 10 episodes available for streaming. Lily is a teenager who works at the Strand bookstore in NYC. She’s established a reputation for being able to find anyone or anything, but her life changes when she meets Dash (played by Austin Abrams).

The two quickly fall in love, but there’s one problem: they have to get the notebook back from a man named Elias. This is a modern-day love story set against the backdrop of New York City during the holiday season. Lily has been working at the Strand since she was 10 years old and has become an expert at finding people exactly what they want.

But when Dash saunters into her life, things become more complicated than ever before. Each episode will be about 15 minutes long and each one will tell a different story of true love during Christmas time.

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Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, or just having a cosy night with your family and friends, there’s nothing better than watching a good TV show to get you into the festive spirit. At first, fans were very hopeful that the show will return for the holidays the next year.

Dash and Lily are the quintessential young adult characters, but what makes them special is the sense of realism in the story. I could totally relate with Dash, who has a secret notebook filled with clues on how to get to his dream girl. I used to have an actual notebook that I carried around during my high school years, which had a list of things on how I will ask out a certain girl.

We all know how that turns out, but that was the only way I knew how to act back then. And like Dash, I did not get the girl in the end.

 Dash and Lily

Can Dash and Lily Get a Second Season?

Netflix released its list of renewed shows for 2021 and ‘Dash and Lily’ is among the list of shows cancelled for good.’ The series only had one season so far, even though fans are very much in love with its characters. In fact, they launched a petition asking Netflix to revive it. To date, they have more than 1K signatures.

But there is still a chance that Netflix will listen to their crying fans because several other shows have been revived after they were cancelled by Netflix.

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The show’s creator Joe Tracz is open to the idea of giving Dash and Lily another shot. In an interview, The final moments of Dash and Lily’s romantic adventure into the Strand bookstore left more than a few hearts aching with longing for more. And because of that, it is not surprising that Netflix is already thinking about making a season 2.

Like any other successful Netflix Original series, there are already talks about renewing ‘Dash and Lily’ for a second season.


So far, the streaming giant has yet to confirm if there will be another instalment in the series. Fans are anxiously waiting for more updates about the potential continuation, especially after the showrunner admitted she has already started writing scripts for the sequel.

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The creator said she thinks about what happens to Dash and Lily all the time. She loves these characters and wants them to find their way back to each other someday.