Darlin Movie: The Idea of A Wild, Untamed, Individual Found In A Socialized Setting

Darlin Movie, A wild adolescent young lady is taken into severe Catholic church care and ready for her first holy transmission. Lauryn Canny is in the primary lead of the story seen as Darlin' Cleek.

In this post we are heading out to talk about this astonishing film, so we should start with the primary names behind the film and afterward, we will discuss the fiction.

darlin movie

Darlin Movie

Darlin Movie is a feature film which is written and directed by the same person, Pollyanna McIntosh. The Darlin is the third part of the trilogy that consists of  Offspring and the “The Woman.”  Andrew Van Den Houten is the producer of the film, although the production company is Hood River Entertainment.

The film came out on March 9, 2019 (South by Southwest Film Festival) and July 12, 2019, in the United States which has a running time of 100 minutes with starring Lauryn Canny, Bryan Batt, Nora-Jane Noone, Cooper Andrews, and Pollyanna McIntosh.

Darlin Movie is not a successful hit, it gets a mediocre score of 68% from Rotten Tomatoes, 4.8 from the IMDb, and just 6 out of 10 by JoBio.com. The audience states that the idea and the storyline of the film are slightly below average to be applauded, we should discuss the plotline as well.

Darlin Movie- What Happened In The Film?

As we know the Darlin is the part of the previous film, in which we see Peggy, and Socket Cleek decided to connect with the wild woman into the forest. Both of them years ago, but now Darlin, the main lead of the story grows up and developed into a beautiful teenage girl who has red hair.

One day, Darlin make an appearance at the outway of the hospital, and then she met with an accident but fortunately, the ambulance arrived there. She was immediately taken to the hospital of a boarding school called St. Philomena.

In the Catholic boarding school, the staff and the teachers attend her. There she meets a lady named Tony, with whom she became friends.

Tony used to deal with her every day, after the mishap she has lost her memory which is the explanation, the young lady was named Darlin, after they see her armband. Slowly Darlin is coming out from the trauma and slowly regains the power to speak. There she met with other students of her age.

At the end of the movie, we see Darlin was about for her “First Communion,” she decided to kill herself or to kill the baby by drinking bleach but eventually she falls sick after by doing these stupids things with herself.

During the function, Sister Jennifer plays an account of the minister admitting his violations, which makes a few groups left in disdain. Darlin chomps a piece out of his hand, yet out of nowhere starts giving birth. The Woman and the destitute whores storm the congregation and the Woman kills the cleric.

Tony, his sweetheart Robert, Sister Jennifer, and Billy assist with conveying Darlin's youngster which is conceived a young lady.

Darlin advises the Woman to take the child far away. As alarms approach, Tony, Robert, Sister Jennifer, and Billy keep an eye on Darlin', while the Woman goes for the child and strolls out.

Complete Cast And Crew of Darlin Movie-

Lauryn Canny is in the primary lead of the story seen as Darlin' Cleek with Bryan Batt as The Bishop and  Nora-Jane Noone as Sister Jennifer.

Cooper Andrews as Nurse Tony, John McConnell as Dr. Award, Geraldine Singer as Sister Grace, Maddie Nichols as Billy, Mackenzie Graham as Bug, and Jeff Pope as Clown are additionally there in the Darlin Movie playing their particular parts marvelously.

In the supporting entertainers, we consider Eugenie To be as Mona, Sabrina Gennarino as Charity, Thomas Francis Murphy as The Cardinal, and Damon Lipari as Robert.

Darlin Movie

What About The Official Teaser of Darlin Movie?

The official teaser of the film was already out in the initial days of 2019, for those who haven't watch it yet, then have a look at this deadly combination of beauty and blood.

Is Darlin Movie A Flop Or Hit?

Well, honestly speaking the ratings of the film isn't good as we have already discussed above, however, some user's reactions are fair for the movie, although some also added that they don't like the movie at first but the second time they find the film a bit better.

But I don't think this is going to make sense because if you have watched something at first and disliked it, then there is no mean to watch it again unless your friends or spouse is forcing you 😉

Despite this, one thing which is marvelous in the film is the amazing performance of Lauryn Canny as Darlin, I really loved her in the whole movie, have you seen the movie? Do you like it or not? Share your reviews with us in the comment section, also rate this film from 1 to 10.

For the individuals who haven't watched the film yet and as yet suspecting to watch it once, then, at that point, you can stream the Darlin Movie on the undermentioned stages.

Where We Can Watch The Complete Film Darlin?

The film is not available on a number of platforms but from the internet, we got these platforms and sites where you can watch the complete story of this catholic-teenage girl, Darlin. You can simply access it on Amazon Prime Video U WatchFree, Couchpop.com.

If you are looking for some similar genre movies then you can also check, Dark Skies 2, He’s Out There (John), Mama 2-Two Girls Vanishes In Dark Forest, or visit us for more.

Last Words-

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