Dark Souls Season 4: Will There Be A Dark Souls Again?

Still, waiting for the Dark Souls Season 4?  Even I am waiting for the same, this action-adventure game has its own separate fan base. Players are crazy about this for the past ten years. Let’s talk about the major name behind the game and then we will talk about the fourth installment and its gameplay.

Dark souls season 4

The Dark Souls is developed by Fromsoftware, Inc and Bluepoint Games. The first edition of the game was released in 2009 and follows with two more seasons that were released with two years of gap in it, 2014 and 2016. And after these three high-grade versions by FromSoftware, Inc, now the players are craving more for the Dark Souls.

The Player craves for the fourth edition of this RPG game so seriously. At first, it was confirmed that this Inc game will be aired in 2019 but they are just fake rumors, 2019 passes, 2020 passes and now we are in 2021 and still unaware of the official releasing situation of the game.

Many might be wondering that the fourth edition will never be released but I don’t think the same because the first season airs in 2009 and the second is in 2014, the point here is that the creators have taken around five years to remake the game. Maybe the same happens with the fourth one, we could expect the series in the upcoming years, some also believed that the series will come anytime soon in 2022.

The above is about the dates, now let’s talk about the gameplay…

Dark souls season 4

The GamePlay-

Each edition of the game comes with some new turns and perk in it with a bunch of new personas, themes, sound effects, and improved graphics, which is so good. According to the previous improvements from the first season to the third, there is a big room for the same this time.

Dark souls season 4

For those who haven’t played the game before but are still craving to play the game, then here are things you need to know about this RPG game.

Eventually, the game is a bit harder for the newbies but not Hard as a cobble-stone. Always choose the best character and Gift, never rest in open areas this may increase the chances of your death, always rest in bonfires and the main thing always keep the right gadgets in your hand to kill the demons. The Gameplay for the dark soul 4 is not in front of us but expecting to be tons of flip-flops in it.

Official Trailer For The Dark Souls Season 4

The executives of this game haven’t delivered the endorsed teaser of the game and not even a short clip for the same. When we get the one, we will update the same in this for the moment enjoy this Dark Souls III teaser.

Dark Soul Rank

The Dark soul game is so demanding in the video game world. The game is not so fancy just like other storytelling games but but but!!! this game has more players than other similar games, so for me, this one is best for those who love dark fantasy.

Software Inc has added a number of things in the game to make this more challenging, more fun, and famous, which is the reason the game stands a rating of 9/10IGN  and 8/10GameSpot. Ratings are absolutely good, let’s check out some user’s players’ reviews too…

  • “Without a shadow of a doubt – this is one of the finest video games to ever be produced. Dark Souls is also, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the toughest video games to be made, perhaps excluding its spiritual predecessor Demon Souls (which I highly recommend also).”Dark souls season 4
  • “Dark Souls. Unforgiving. Impossible. Brutal. Hardest video game ever made. Until you learn how to play …”
  • “I’ve been playing this game for months and I’m still not bored of it. When I came to this page I was very disappointed by the sheer stupidity of some of the reviews.”

The reviews are completely honest, do you want to share yours too? Comment Down!!

Terminal Lines

This is bad for the fans of this game. Dark Souls season 4 fates are in dark but the statement of Miyazaki is giving us a little hope. He says that- “he isn’t finished with the series is great.” Speculating about his statement clearly means that there be a fourth edition in the upcoming years.

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Is there still anything you want to know about Dark Souls season 4? If, yes then comment down your doubts, we would remove them all by giving the appropriate answers.

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