When Will Dark Skies 2 Be Released? Latest Updates 2023 and Predictions!


Dark Skies 2 is in enthusiastic discussions these days, everybody is craving for its subsequent portion, and why not on the grounds that the first arrives at the pinnacle level of gestures of recognition from the side of watchers?

For individuals who love thrillers then, at that point, it's the most ideal choice for them which is the reason, in this post, we will discuss if Dark Skies 2 is coming or not.


What is Dark Skies About?

The dark series revolves around the story of a family who is caught by non-natives or aliens. The Barrett family—mother Lacy, father Daniel, more established child Jesse, and more youthful child Sammy—live on a calm rural road in an anonymous American city.


Daniel is presently jobless, putting the weight of supporting the family on Lacy, who fills in as a realtor. Their two children partake in a glad relationship and speak with one another from their beds through a walkie-talkie.

Dark Skies 2

The first part of the film came out on February 22, 2013, and is written and directed by  Scott Stewart, however, the production is done under the guidance of Jason Blum. Dark Skies has a number of stars in it, Keri Russell, Josh Hamilton, Dakota Goyo, and J. K. Simmons. 

It took creators about $3.5 million budget to make the movie, however, it grossed about $27.8 million worldwide. The first portion of the film has done great and received good reactions from the critics.

Movie Name Dark Skies 2
Genre Science Fiction
Release Date  Not Confirm Yet
Director Scott Stewart
Streaming Platform Netflix
Script Writer Scott Stewart
Lead Role Keri Russell

When Will Dark Skies 2 Be Released?

Now talking about the release date of the second instalment, according to TheCinemaholic in a recent interview we see Scott Stewart replying to a question asked by someone about the sequel, he said the budget is not a problem because the account for the film is quite low.

He said in one of Pollard’s dialogues Sometimes they come back,”  which is simply giving us the hint about Dark Skies 2.

However, we could hope to see the film in 2023 or later, although they are just estimations, the exact dates are not established at that time when we get the dates then we are going to add more in this section.

Who Will Be In The Dark Skies 2?

Well, we are going to see the old faces again in the movie, Keri Russell has a chance to be back in the film as Lacy Barrett with Josh Hamilton as Daniel Barrett and Dakota Goyo as Jesse Barrett.

Kadan Rockett as Sammy Barrett, J. K. Simmons as Edwin Pollard, L. J. Benet as Kevin Ratner, Rich Hutchman as Mike Jessop, Myndy Crist as Karen Jessop, and Annie Thurman as Shelly Jessop.

Dark Skies 2

Moreover, we could also desire to see some other supporting actors back in “Dark Skies 2, ” Jack Washburn as Bobby Jessop, Ron Ostrow as Richard Klein, Cary Quattrocchi as Martin Haldeman, Brian Stepanek as Security system technician, Judith Moreland as Janice Rhodes, Trevor St. John as Alex Holcombe and Alyvia Alyn Lind as Young Daughter.

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Expected Plotline For The Dark Skies 2

The first part of the story ends with a major cliffhanger that happens in the life of Jesse, the main protagonist of the story who is kidnapped by the non-natives who are trying to get into contact with the help of her brother's walkie-talkie.

Dark Skies 2

This end scene of the primary film could fill in as the beginning stage for the continuation where significantly more disclosures about Jesse's whereabouts could be made. Furthermore, as I referenced prior, there's a scene in the main film where Edwin Pollard guarantees that there are times when the outsiders return and begin frequenting the families once more.

On the other side, he also claims, that the off-natives still keep a tab on him, so in the second portion, we could expect to see the alien coming back in the life of Jesse or maybe a spin-off has a chance to happen in which we are going to see the whole native restored the occurrence of Barretts.

Do We Have Any Official Trailer for Dark Skies 2?

The official teaser of the film is not out yet but you can enjoy the former teaser of the Dark Skies just for refreshing your horror memories, and also share your most loved scene from the Skies.



The dates aren’t confirmed at this time for the series but we could hope to get the show super soon in 2023 or later, for more future updates stay tuned with us at keeperfacts.com.

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