Dark Matter 4 Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELLED!


Updated On 27 January 2022

Planning for another season is also hard for the creators. As the show increased the number of episodes, the audience started to lose interest in it. Not, every series is the same. The fans of every show want their favorite show to last forever but we know that can’t happen. It is always a hard task for the writers to maintain the interest of the people on the show. And if anything goes wrong, the show gets canceled. Likewise, something similar happens with the series named Dark Matter. 


A Canadian Television series that started to attract the eyes of the people when it launched on the popular TV channel Syfy and also in Space. Now, if you have a great interest in this series then you should finish this article. Today. I am going to talk about Dark Matter and why the creators canceled its fourth season. Excited to know? Well without any delay let’s start. 

But before heading further, Are you someone who is new to this series? Because if you are then we have a whole summary for you. 

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Dark Matter – A Television Series!

Dark matter updates

A Syfy and Space Channel popular TV series, Dark Matter, revolves around space and its related life. The show is created by the famous Stargate creators Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie. Dark Matter is based on the Comic book which shares the same name. The show stars some famous actors like Marc Bendavid and Melissa O’Neil. 

Now, the show has already premiered its three seasons so far which consist of 39 episodes in total. The show was first aired on 12 June 2015. Later after the first release, Syfy already renewed the show for the second season. The story follows a group of six people who are unknown to their past information. After they wake up, they don’t know their name either. They gave themselves the name like 1 to 6. The story is interesting as you move forward with the episodes. 

Dark Matter – What Is the Cast of This Series?

The Cast members of this show follow the six people initially, who are unknown to their past. The people love their group and we expect them to see it in the 3 seasons. The show follows Marc Bendavid as the main protagonist of the story. But his character makes several entries in the show. 

In season 2, he again makes entries and it is a little confusing to the people who watch the second season directly. If you haven’t watched this series yet then you should better watch it from the first season. Other than that the series is great and you’ll love watching it. 

Moreover, the cast follows the other characters which I have listed below. If you wanna know about them, you can check the list. 

  • Starting the list with the main character, Marc Bendavid who is going to be cast as Jace Corso. He is named as one in the group. Even known by the name of Derrick Moss. After the end of the first season, his character reoccurs in the second season too. 
  • Secondly, Melissa O'Neil will be seen as Rebecca. She is named as Two in the group. Other than that, her name is Portia Lin, which will be enclosed in the later episodes. 
  • Anthony Lemke will be playing the character of Marcus Boone or you can call him Titch. He is given the number three as a name. 
  • Alex Mallari Jr. will be seen as Ryo Tetsuda or Ryo Ishida. He is the number four of the group.
  • Jodelle Ferland will play the role of Das or Emily Kolburn. The number five of the group is interesting. Her character is great and many people love it.
  • Roger Cross is going to cast as Griffin Jones or Lt. Kal Varrick. He is the number six and last member of the space group. 
  • Zoie Palmer as The ship's AI, Android/Suki.
  • Shaun Sipos is going to be back as Devon Taltherd 
  • Melanie Liburd as Nyx Harper. He plays the guest role in the last season. 

Also, if there will be the fourth part, the character might don’t remain the same. This is because the actors' agreement has already ended and there is no news about them renewing it. Now, we have to see what the future of this show holds in the future. 

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Dark Matter Season 4 – Where Is the Official Trailer of This Show?

The official trailer of season 4 is not out yet. Sadly, if you are waiting for the third season then you have to wait for a long time. The series is not yet anywhere near and it would take a lot of time for it to get renewed. If you are one of those who haven’t seen the trailer of the first season then I’ll be linking it below.

Feel free to watch the trailer. 

Dark Matter Season 4 – Why Is the Season 4 Cancelled?

Season 4 of Dark Matter is already canceled by the Syfy and Space channel. The reason behind this is probably the low ratings and also the decreasing viewership of this show. Although this was a little shocking for most of the fans because the series is still a great show of Syfy. There are many Syfy's series that have low viewership but they were still getting renewed for the next season every year. 

Additionally, the agreement of the actors also came to end after the show finishes. Now, every actor is busy with their respective show and it also seems to be nearly impossible for the show to come back. But there are rumors that other TV networks are trying to take Dark Matter. Well, I don’t know how much time it will take for this to happen. Also, there is no official statement regarding this so it is hard to believe it. 

According to Quora.com the series was cancelled for the forth season.

What Are the Ratings of This Show?

The show already has great ratings among the people but the critics have rated this show with the average ratings. The IMDb rating of this show is 7.5/10. Not only this but the show has 89% of rotten tomatoes. 

The people over the internet loved this series. Around 97% of the people reported loving Dark matter on google. Now coming to the audience rating summary which is 4.7. 


Final Words

Dark Matter, a Canadian TV series that aired on 12 June 2015 on Syfy and Space channel is not planning to launch its third season. The science fiction series which is famous among the people is great for someone who is into these kinds of shows.

Although there are many rumors claiming that the series has decided to launch the fourth season on other TV channels, there is no proof to make me believe in it. The Officials have already canceled the broadcast of this series and if there will be any such renewal thing, I’ll update you. Bookmark this page to keep getting the latest updates regarding this series. 

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