Do You Want to Know the Story of Dark Harvest ?

Dark Harvest was originally scheduled to premiere this fall. However, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the film’s release date has been delayed until September 9, 2022. Although a release date in October would have made more sense for the Halloween-themed narrative, I’m sure MGM had its reasons for choosing this particular date.

If you’re wondering how to watch “Dark Harvest” from the comfort of your own home, the solution is a little more involved than you might expect. According to Variety, Amazon purchased MGM only a few months ago, making it a safe bet that “Dark Harvest” will be available exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Dark Harvest

However, much of the studio’s historical catalogue is still available for streaming on other platforms, and, according to Cnet, MGM has an agreement in place with ViacomCBS’ Paramount+ that provides them access to new movies after they have been released theatrically in the United States. So, we’ll have to wait and watch how everything plays out next year.

What Is the Story of Dark Harvest?

“Dark Harvest” is set in a desolate Midwestern hamlet, where gangs of teenagers seek to bring down a terrible serial killer on Halloween night after night. He goes by a variety of monikers, including Sawtooth Jack, October Boy, and even Ol’ Hacksaw Face. Everybody knows he’ll emerge from the cornfields armed only with a butcher knife.

They’re all eager to take their chances in “an annual rite of life and death” known as the Run, no matter what they name or what they call him. Richie Shepard is the protagonist of the film, a man who is desperate enough to face this monster in the hopes of duplicating the success of his older brother, who won the competition the year before and was able to escape small-town existence.

It is planned that he will pair up with Kelly Haines, who, like him, has ambitions beyond the small community in which she grew up. Because so few narrative details have been released, it’s impossible to predict how far the film adaptation of “Dark Harvest” will diverge from the source material.

The protagonist’s given name is one of the few differences between the two stories (it was Pete McCormick in the book.) Also uncertain is whether the film would take place in 1963, as the novel does, or whether a more contemporary setting will be used.

Who is a Member of the Dark Harvest Cast?

Several members of the “Dark Harvest” cast have recently been announced by the Hollywood Reporter. Included in this group is Jeremy Davies, who is most known for his appearances in the television shows “Justified” and “The House That Jack Built,” as well as Elizabeth Reaser from “The Haunting of Hill House” and Luke Kirby from “The Marvelous Miss Maisel.”

However, nothing has been confirmed about the characters that the actors will be portraying in the film as of this writing.

Dark Harvest

Casey Likes, who recently performed in the “Almost Famous” musical (according to AZ Central), and E’myri Crutchfield, who is most known for her appearance on Season 4 of “Fargo,” are among the other performers who have joined the cast.

According to IMDb, Likes is in the lead role of Richie Shepard, and Crutchfield is in the part of Kelly Haines. Among the other actors that have been cast in the film are Ezra Buzzington (“Law & Order: True Crime”), who plays the role of The Farmer, and Adam Brooks, who plays the role of The Pastor.

Otherwise, very little is known about the characters, but we’ll find out who Davies, Reaser, and Kirby are playing when “Dark Harvest” is released in the fall of 2022, according to the official website.

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What Exactly is the Storyline of Dark Harvest?

Dark Harvest is set in a decaying little Midwestern town that hosts an annual supernatural event known as the Run. An ominous figure wielding a butcher knife emerges from the cornfields every autumn and makes its way towards the church. The phantom is then faced by gangs of young guys in a rite of passage that may provide you with a way out of town.

Richie Shepard (Likes) is the younger brother of Richie Shepard (Likes), who won the Run last year and managed to escape. As a result of his ambition to follow in his brother’s footsteps, Richie teams up with the restless Kelly Haines (Crutchfield), who is likewise ready to go by any means necessary.

The two decide to seek down the beast despite the regulations — and the great likelihood that they would fail — in order to gain their freedom from captivity.

Dark Harvest

It’s impossible to predict how much the film will depart from Norman Partridge’s novel without knowing more about the characters and the plot until further notice. When “Dark Harvest” is released in September 2022, Partridge readers and horror lovers will have the opportunity to learn more.

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Dark Harvest Release Date: When is the Film Scheduled to be Released?

Dark Harvest will be released on Friday, September 9, 2022, in the year 2022. (Nationwide release). Salem’s Lot will be released on the same day as one other movie, which is Salem’s Lot.

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