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DanMachi Is Finally Getting Coming Back With Season 3

DanMachi, an Japanese anime, which has become popular among people of all ages. The anime, which is originally translated as Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka in Japanese and it says Is it Wrong to try to pick up girls in a Dungeon? In English. The series was initially launched on 4 April, 2015 and it became an instant hit and people started to crave for this series. After the release of the first series, the show was instantly renewed for another season. After the second season, the show’s admirers are waiting for the third season. The third season was already confirmed but where is it? 

If you are one of those fans who are waiting for the third season of this series then your wait is over here because we are here to solve your doubts. In this article, we’ll give you an insight of everything that happens so far, which will help you to know your favorite show better. Interested to know? Read the whole article in detail 🙂


DanMachi – Know Everything about this Anime!

The Japanese anime series which was taken from a popular light novel named  Is it Wrong to try to pick up girls in a Dungeon? Or DanMachi. The light novel of this manga series became an instant hit and people from all over the world were getting crazy for this manga. The amazing light novel was written by Fujino Omori, while Suzuhito yasuda was the one who illustrated it. 

The light novel was a success and the people from the world wide were happy with the storyline. The sales increased significantly and that’s when there was a need for anime. J.C.Staff decided to make an anime out of this popular manga with the thought of it being famous and it does.  

Their thoughts were rightly predicted and the anime done absolutely amazing in the theatre. The series was seen by millions of people and it was also charted top on the Crunchyroll. After the first season, the creators released an OVA which moved the story forward. After the OVA, the audience thought that this was the end but they were wrong.

In the year 2019, the second season was launched for the audience. Now it’s been almost two years and fans are hoping to see the third season which was already scheduled to release. If you have also similar questions then the next section is waiting for you. You will find your answers regarding the third season there. 

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DanMachi 3 – Where is the third season, Is it coming? 

The second season was ended on 28 September, 2019. After the end of the second installment of this series, the creators renewed the anime for the third season and an OVA was also scheduled to release. Originally, on 27 September, 2019 the officials released a statement which clearly mentioned that the OVA will be released on 29 January, 2020 and the third season will be aired in July 2020

But then the airing was cancelled. The ongoing corona was responsible for this. With the whole world getting infected with this disease, the creators thought of postponing the date to the other day. As everything is getting back to normal and the people are getting their lives as it was like past covid-19, the creators are also ready. 

To all the fans who have waited their heart long for the release of their favorite anime to release next season, it is here. The official date on which the third season will air is 28 July, 2021. 

There is no ifs and buts and this is 100% reliable news which you can believe in. Now, what are your feelings? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section so that we can see how much this news makes you happy 🙂

DanMachi 3 – What will be the plotline?

The story of this anime is set in an adventurous land of Orario. The city is a land of the dangerous underground place which is referred as Dungeons. The dungeons is filled with the monsters and often the mortals were the one to go there. The mortals normally went on dungeons to explore them and to fight with the monsters in order to gain more experience and powers. 

As you move forward in the story, you will find yourself seeing the episode from the POV of a 15 year old boy who is known by Bell Cranel. He wants to be one of the greatest people in his city. Bell’s life was unorganized but as soon as he met with the gorgeous goddess Hestia. The story revolves around these two and it gets interesting as you move forward the story. In the next season we’ll look forward to the bell and Hestia’s life. 

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DanMachi 3 – What are the Characters of this story?

This section of the article contains spoiler

Bell Cranel 

The main protagonist of this story is Bell Cranel, who is a 15 year old boy. He was moved to Orario to passionate his dreams of becoming a greatest Adventure. After watching the anime, you’ll find this character super cute. Even the goddess finds the white hair and red eye color Bell Cranel cute. The character of Bell is Pessimistic and confident and it will inspire you to be the same. The Bells also have a soft corner for the goddess Hestia.

Later in the story, it was revealed that Bell is actually an adopted child of God Zeus. And if you don’t know that the family of God Zeus was killed by the black dragon and he wants to finish him. 


The gorgeous goddess of this anime, Hestia. She is also popular among the audience and often referred to as Loli Big Boobs. Her extra kindness and powerful goddess was the reason Bell got attracted to her. Despite her kind nature he fails to make his own failure. 

Soon after she knew about Bell, she started to follow him and wanted to know about him. After knowing Bell, she realized that Bell is also looking for Familia and he wanted to join it too. Her hardwork and Dedication make her the first member of Fista Familia. When Bell fails multiple times, Hestia asks him to join her familia. Then there was a time when a girl named Aizu entered the story. Aizu started to fall for Bell and this makes Hestia really jealous. 

The story also contains some adult scenes and it is also not appropriate for the kids. However, the Japanese culture normally has this type of anime which is quite famous. The character of Hestia also has some adultery features which may be slightly inappropriate for kids. 

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DanMachi, which is popularly known as Is it Wrong to try to pick up girls in a Dungeon? In English. The series has released 2 seasons and 2 OVA till now and now there is talk about season 3. The third season is officially renewed and the release date of this anime is already out. The anime series is scheduled to release on 28 July, 2021. And now people are looking to another season and it is finally happening. People are eagerly waiting for the third season. 

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