Daniel Spellbound: Spoiler, Plot, Cast and More


The American animated series Daniel Spellbound explores the themes of magic and fantasy. Matt Fernandes is the director of the television series. The associated production company is Boat Rocker Studios.

Netflix is the original distributor of the show. Alex Barima, Deven Mack, Chantel Riley, Catherine Disher, Dwayne Hill, and Lynn Rafferty are the principal cast members of the programme whose voices will be used for some of the most prominent roles.


Daniel Spellbound Spoilers

The animated series depicts the protagonist Daniel Spellbound as a young globetrotting hunter of magical commodities, items, and artefacts. The young youngster is from New York City, and he has some understanding of magic and the various hidden places of special magical things.

In New York City, he sells these mystical objects to the alchemists and sorcerers of the modern world. The quality of the show's animation is astounding. In addition, the depiction of the characters, plot, and sequence of events is exceptional.


Daniel Spellbound: Spoiler, Plot, Cast and More.

In this modern-day, magical, animated drama series, the filmmakers and crew have exerted considerable effort. It will be a blend of magic and current drama with just the perfect touches of each.

Daniel will also be observed assisting witches and wizards in acquiring these weird magical ingredients for their unique elixirs and potions. As a result of his assistance to the wizards and witches of magic, he will become entangled in the perilous web of the odd and menacing alchemists, who will attempt to steal the particular strange ingredient from him for their nefarious schemes.

Where Can I Watch Daniel Spellbound?

Netflix provides access to the animated television series “Daniel Spellbound.” Its episodes will also be streamable on numerous other online streaming websites, such as Fmovies, Dailymotion, and many others, that do not own a licence for the show.

Daniel Spellbound Plot

The plot of Daniel Spellbound centres around the main protagonist, Daniel Spellbound, a young kid from New York City who attempts to collect magical things. All magic is actual and extremely real, but it is concealed from the city's inhabitants.

The young tracker is familiar with all the good and strange locations where he can discover mystical objects and artefacts. He embarks on a quest to find the magic and its associated dubious ingredients and objects. During his adventure, he encounters an ingredient he has never seen before, and he also attracts the attention of several deadly and scary alchemists and sorcerers.

To avoid harm and safeguard these magical objects, he embarks on a world-spanning expedition. He strives to maintain equilibrium in both the world of magic and the non-magical world. Despite facing each threat head-on and overcoming them, he always emerges victorious.

Daniel Spellbound Cast

Alex Barima, a renowned Canadian actor, portrays the show's main character, Daniel Spellbound, who is described as a teenage vendor and hunter of unusual and enigmatic magical things and ingredients. Alex Barima has contributed to well-known works such as Resident Alien.

Daniel Spellbound: Spoiler, Plot, Cast and More.

The remaining members of the cast are:

  • Deven Mack (voices the character of Hoagie)
  • Chantel Riley (voices the character of Lucy Santana)
  • Catherine Disher (voices the character of The Pie Maker)
  • Dwayne Hill (voices the character of Tyson)
  • Lynn Rafferty (voices the character of Bixby Prospero)

Guide For Daniel Spellbound?

The Daniel Spellbound episode guide has not yet been disclosed by the show's creators. Netflix has already made the series available for watching online. It will not adhere to a weekly release schedule, as all episodes will be released simultaneously.

It will consist of a total of twenty episodes, with each episode averaging between twenty-two and twenty-five minutes in duration. Additionally, the show is largely produced in English, while it will also be available in dubbed versions.