Is Damnation 2 Canceled by USA? Know More About This

Is Damnation 2 going to happen or not? A big question which every damnation fan is looking for right now and we know you are also one of them. There are lots of news going around about the television series. There was news about the show is being canceled, even there is news about Netflix launching the second season soon.

Let’s find out how much of this is all rumors are actually true.

Damnation – A television Series

Damnation 2

Damnation is an American TV series that was produced between two production companies i.e. Netflix and Universal Content Productions. People who lived outside the USA watched this TV series on Netflix, whereas people living in the USA watched this show on the USA network. Damnation was originally released back on 7 November 2017. The series was based on the 1930s time in America and it basically revolves around the farmers and their condition.

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Moreover, the story is quite simple unlike the title of the Series. When I first heard the name I thought it was some sort of movie filled with Demons and all. Tell me in the comment section if you thought this too!

If you have watched the series you have known that the first Season contains 10 episodes in total with 40-50 hours/episode. The story follows Seth Davenport, who is a preacher and was quite anxious and fed up with a gap between him and wealthy people.

Damnation 2

The main character tries to convince all low-class farmers to sit on a strike and protest against the things which were happening with them. The wealthy industrialists of that time tried to harass the farmers by taking their resources at low prices which makes Davenport furious.

I think the story is normal and there is no excitement or boring in it.

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Will There Be Damnation 2?

The series didn’t attract much audience as the developers thought it would be. The show only gains half of the Million views and which is enough to not launch its second season.

Moreover, We thought that the cost of production was quite high in comparison the show earns very little. The USA network has officially announced that they are not going to Damnation 2. But we don’t know about the rest of the world. Will Netflix renew the second season?

Is Netflix Going to Renew The Damnation 2?

Netflix has the right to show TV series outside the USA and if they want they can do it. But it would add a lot of prices to put forward. Also, the translation of the show into many other languages will be tricky and money-consuming.

Whereas fans are sad because of this news and demanding all over the internet to release its second season. There were many tweets, demanding the second season –

Tweet for Damnation 2

Tweet for Damnation 2

Damnation Ratings

Let’s check out the ratings of this show in order to know how this show is actually? The audience rated this show 4.9 out of 5 which is quite high and shows that in the past 3 years the TV series has achieved a good and honest fanbase.

Whereas, The IMDb rating of Damnation is 7.7/10 which is okay. On the other hand, Rotten tomatoes rated this show 64% which is not so good.

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Damnation Reviews

As I stated the show has a pretty loyal fanbase. It doesn’t matter to most people whether the show has good ratings or not, they just watched this TV series. Let’s check some of the reviews

Kellie Moores

“NETFLIX, PLEASE RENEW THIS SERIES!!! I have to know what happens. I watched the entire series over the weekend. It would be a hit on Netflix if it could be developed into an hour-long series that wasn’t watered down like every other show on network TV. Plus no commercials!

The story was hard to understand bc the writers only had 30 min a show and 10 episodes. There wasn’t enough backstory into the farmer’s striking, how the preacher met his wife & the other “ah-ha” moments went by too fast.

I would even watch a remake of season 1 the way it should have been created but I was compelled to write one when I was left hanging with NO season 2! REALLY?”

Tony Gohagan

It’s excellent, every aspect of this show. I think this show is an Artwork that will Inspire people to continue to succeed against the failings of Human Nature.

It doesn’t shy away from past or present realities and presents a clear depiction of Power, Corruption, Ruthlessness, Exploitation, and Compelled Conformity. Still: it’s not “preachy”. The ‘Stakes’ are really high, the Characters relatable, it’s complex and emotional.

It was great to see the high proportions of Female Writers and Directors, it’s full of exceptional acting too.

Perhaps Season 2 may still happen, I hope so !”

Note – While writing the review section, I find no bad reviews of this show.

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Famous Dialogue of Damnation

  • You’ve truly outdone yourself this time. They’re both magnificent.
  • Creeley: The man I work for just sent someone to kill my brother and his wife, and I can’t let it happen. Bessie: I thought you were sent here to stop him. Creeley: Yeah, I was, but it’s more complicated than that. I need my brother alive.
  • Deep down, that cold-blooded killer routine is just an act.
  • I want to know how much a gallon it will take for you to go back to being the sort of man who can provide for his family.
  • Bessie: Everyone can use a little tenderness sometimes, especially those of us unaccustomed to it. Creeley: I can’t grow accustomed to it. Bessie: Why not? Creeley: Because it will get us both killed.
  • If this isn’t the American dream, I don’t know what is.
  • Lou: Still pretty good. Seth: The way Creeley is these days still pretty good will get me killed. Lou: Can’t get used to hearing that. Seth: Why? Because he used to be so yellow? Lou: No because you used to be so close.


Damnation is a Period drama which is created by Tony Tost. It’s the second season that is officially announced to cancel and not going to renew in the USA but there is no official statement by Netflix whether they are going to bring back Damnation 2 for the rest of the world. If you are thinking of watching this show and you love period drama then go for it.

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