When Cursed Season 2 Released on DVD and Blu Ray ?

The Netflix original series Cursed, which is based on the Arthurian legend of the sword Excalibur, will launch in July of next year. When “Cursed” premiered on Netflix, it was the most popular web series of the month. The show received a good response from viewers all over the world.

The story revolves around “Nimue,” a little girl who possesses the ability to influence the plants in her environment. As a result, she was branded a witch by the rest of society. Her fate is to be known as the “sad lady of the lake.” Arthur, an adolescent mercenary, joins her in her battle against the red paladin, and the two become fast friends.

cursed season 2

Her ultimate purpose is to deliver the sword Excalibur to the rightful owner. We see the development of “Nimue’s” character as she performs deeds of valour and bravery throughout her journey to find her father.

Cursed is a drama in which Katherine Langford plays the lead character of “Nimue.” Arthur, Gustaf Skarsgard (Merlin), Daniel Sharman (Weeping Monk Lancelot), Sebastian Armesto (King Uther), Lily Newmark (Pym), Peter Mullan (Father Carden), Shalom Brune- Franklin (sister Igraine), Bella Dayne (red spear), Matt Stokoe (Matt Stokoe) and Devon Turell (Arthur) are among the actors in the film (Green knight).

Concerning Cursed Season 2

Following the success of the first season, people all around the world are eagerly awaiting the release of the second season of the show. However, there has been no official confirmation from the production team that season 2 has begun filming or that it will begin filming in the near future.

Due to the lack of information indicating that the show has been cancelled, it is likely that the show will premiere on Netflix during the next 2 to 3 years.

A statement by the show’s star, Katherine Langford, was made in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “Season 1 of the show was simply the beginning of the great journey that will be continued in the second season of the show.”

cursed season 2

Cursed Season 2 Cast 

  • Nimue is played by Katherine Langford.
  • Merlin is played by Gustaf Skarsgard.
  • Devon Terrell takes up the role of Arthur.
  • Lancelot is played by Daniel Sharman in the role of the Weeping Monk.
  • King Uther is played by Sebastian Armesto.
  • Father Carden is played by Peter Mullan.
  • Pym is played by Lily Newmark.
  • – Shalom Brune in the role of Franklin Sister Igraine in the role of Morgana
  • Gawain and the Green Knight is played by Matt Stokoe.
  • Red Spear is played by Bella Dayne.

Plot for Cursed Season 2: What Will the Focus of the Second Season be?

Season one ended on some major cliffhangers, which will tragically never be answered as a result of Netflix’s decision to discontinue the show after only one season.

In a second season, would they have joined Arthur’s crusade? And what would be the fate of Arthur and Morgana’s relationship? During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Terrell shared his thoughts on how Arthur might be feeling following Morgana’s transition into the Widow.

cursed season 2

Shalom [Brune-Franklin] portrays Morgana in such a compelling way that she comes off as a strong character herself.” There are so many strong female protagonists in this novel that I believe it sets Morgana up to be a strong character… Whether she will be the most formidable adversary we will encounter on the show or will be an ally remains to be seen. That’s what’s so beautiful about it.

“Our most recent interaction consisted of me pleading for my sister to become closer to me. My sister has transformed into an all-conquering witch in the blink of an eye. As a result, it’s a little bizarre. What I enjoy about the tale is that my character is just a regular person who is witnessing these two tremendously powerful ladies come to terms with themselves.”

We’ll never know what occurred, and because the series was based on a single illustrated novel by Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler, there isn’t a print sequel to provide us any more information.

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When Will Cursed Season 2 be Released on DVD and Blu-ray?

Given that season 1 launched on July 17, the fact that a second season has been formally ordered shouldn’t be a source of anxiety for fans. Despite the fact that Netflix does not provide viewership statistics, all indications are that Cursed had a strong first week of release in the United States.

When you take into consideration that the first season didn’t completely exhaust its source material — plus the fact that the closing episode left us with a slew of cliffhangers — you can bet that the creative team had plans to return for a second season.

Almost everyone in the main cast seems to agree that there is still a lot more tale to be told. Devon Terrell said to Elle Magazine, “I didn’t want to produce a performance that was on the fence about whether or not to do it. My goal was to choose a course, to decide which moments I made [Arthur] vulnerable, and which moments I made him feel like he was on the verge of being a leader.

“It’s also the beginning of a very long road ahead of us.”That doesn’t sound like the kind of circumstance that you can just walk away from. Once each set of episodes is approved by Netflix, we’ll make sure to let you know about it right away.

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When Will we be able to Watch the Cursed Season 2 Trailer on Netflix?

Due to the fact that the second season of Cursed will not be produced, there is no trailer to watch. As an alternative, you could watch one of the many horrible King Arthur movies that are accessible online — or you could simply read the book.

Cursed season one is now available to stream on the Netflix streaming service.

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