Culauncher – Uses| Issues| Location| Remove

Culauncher – Uses| Issues| Location| Remove

We are living in the 21st century and technology is slowly becoming the center of our life. All of us know the importance of technology, and we keep updating our gadgets when something new comes into the market. But do we update the software or programs of our favorite gadgets on regular basis?

Today we are going to talk about a program which helps our pc operating system [Windows] to run in an optimized manner by updating it regularly – Culauncher.

What is Culauncher?

Have you notice that your window is updating itself without your permission. Your window is saying that “if you are not going to take care of me, I will do it by myself”. Self-love and self-care are very important features for these kinds of operating systems.

Culauncher helps the windows to take care of themselves. In recent times windows 10 had added a feature Culauncher.exe, which is a part of the auto-updating feature. Basically, culauncher.exe is an executable file.

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Now you must be thinking what is this executable file? Executable files execute some codes and commands when you boot your system.

Culauncher.exe does the same but at fixed intervals, which ensures the automatic updates of the window.

Why is updating your operating system is important?

  • It optimizes the performance of the operating system.
  • Updates are important because it fixes the flaws which occurred in the operating system.
  • It updates the security patches, if you want your data to be secured do update your windows regularly.
  • It increases the overall speed and performance of your PC.

There are many more points which sates why updating your operating system is important. And culauncher.exe makes it easier for you to update your software.

Why stop automatic updates?

You must be thinking that if updates are so important and beneficial for both user and system then why stop it.

We are not talking about stopping the updates, we are talking about stopping the automatic updates. Many users are not interested in the feature Culauncher.exe. AS we all know every coin has two sides, everything comes with its pros and cons.

Reasons to stop automatic update:

  • You will be not aware of the fact that which features are added and which are removed.
  • You will lose control, many people like to have control over their system. As they didn’t want their favorite features to get removed.
  • It slows down the device for a particular time period, as it runs in the background. Imagine you are doing some important work and your system started working slowly, no one will like that.
  • The main problem is with the feature Culauncher.exe itself, as it opens a backdoor for cyberattacks. We will discuss this later on in the article. So, keep reading this article.

How to find if Culauncher.exe is safe?

Virus or safe

  • Location of the file: If it not under C:/ProgramFiles/CUAssistant/ folder then it is not safe to have the program in your system
  • Name: We all know that viruses are replicate of the original program, so they also replicate the name. Check the name.
  • Copyright: Does the program have the copyright of Microsoft and its digital signature. If yes then the program is legit.

Why users are asking to remove Culaucher.exe?

Culauncher.exe is a legit feature that is added to windows in order to make your device more optimized and secured.

But many users are thinking that it is a kind of virus or malware, which is not true. But it can be a doorway for them.

As we discussed, Culauncher.exe is an executable program that runs some codes and commands when you boot your system. It is found by some users, some really tech-savvy users that when Culauncher.exe execute the codes and commends, it also opens a backdoor for cyberattacks, malware, and virus that can harm our system or steal our data.

And no one wants that to happen, that is why users are asking to remove this feature.

How to remove Culauncher.exe?

To remove this feature first you need to know the location of this program.



You can find the program in the local disk C or C drive. The size of the program is between 0.317 Mb to 0.389 Mb. It varies from windows to windows.

How to remove this program:

You can find this program on your device as well as in your web browsers.

Removing it from the device:

Go to the start menu then select settings, you will find Apps and Features. Go to Apps and Features, find culauncher.exe click on it select the uninstall option, it will ask for confirmation again, give the conformation to remove it from your device.

How to remove it from Browsers:

Goggle Chrome:

Open goggle chrome goes to the tools, then go for extensions and remove Culauncher.exe.

Mozilla Firefox:

Open the browser press Ctrl+Shift+A, then search for ‘Culauncher.exe’ and remove it.

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According to me, it is a great feature to have in the operating system as it updates the windows on regular basis, but what is the use of it when it comes to your security. I think the developers should work to resolve the issue if they will be able to do it will be a great feature to have.


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