Cry Macho, a Redemption Journey You Must Experience on Hbo Max

Have you ever tried HBO Max download content? No? This time ‘Cry Macho,’ the upcoming HBO Max original makes you believe you should try HBO Max download content for later watch. The storyline and the subject matter of the movie compel you to think about the deep down of your thoughts, life’s perception, and the definition of life’s journey.

Next to your reading, you will experience a brief review on ‘Cry Macho,’ the next HBO Max original to air on 17th September.

‘Cry Macho’ by N. Richard Nash is an American novel set in 1975, setting the plot between Texas to Mexico. During the journey from Texas to Mexico, Mike Milo teaches and learns life’s best lesson from a grown-up kid named Rafo. The entire story evolves with these characters, their journey, the exploration of new things during their time together, etc.

A brief review on ‘Cry Macho.’

Richard Nash wrote the novel in 1975, but the subject line is relevant in today’s life after decades.

The movie directed by: Clint Eastwood

The story was written by: N.Richard Nash.

The star cast are Clint Eastwood.

Dwight Yoakam

Fernanda Urrejola and others.

The plot of the movie

The movie’s plot is based on both sides’ demands: the rich guy wants to bring back his only son to go ahead in a legal battle with his wife. The horse-breeder, the hero of the movie Mike Milo, needs money for his survival. Hence, he agreed to go to Mexico to bring back his son Rafo.

The storyline

Mike Milo, once a rodeo star, is now a divorced alcoholic. Once his ex-boss approaches him to bring back his son from his alcoholic wife, Milo agrees to visit Mexico. When he reaches there, he finds out that the young boy leaves his mother and lives his life with his own terms and conditions. Mike searches for the boy, meets him, and expresses why he comes such a long way. Rafo, the boy, agrees to go with him to Texas to meet his father. The end of the story is not a happy ending but a great lesson to learn for both the aged man and the growing-up kid.

The dramatic angle of the story

The movie’s climax intensifies the storyline when Rafo’s father, Mike’s ex-boss, refuses to accept that he appoints Mike to bring back his son to him. Rafo comes to know that his father wants him to strengthen the legal fights and ask for money from his mother. There is no father-son affection behind his plot to bring him back. Rafo’s realization, Mike’s revealing, and the true face of Howard is the reflection of our society that what we see with open eyes gives the utter shock at the end.

Our thoughts

Acclaimed by various critics with positive reviews, the book ‘Cry Macho’ was attempted by many filmmakers. Clint Eastwood tried his hands and his acting skill to craft the character of Mike. His exceptional achievement is to establish himself as Mike and play the surface of an old-age guy. The character has lots of layers to offer to its viewers. Though the story was written in 1975, the message it carries seems relevant in 2021 as well. And it’s the achievement of the writer to create a classic that is befitting beyond the ages and decades.

The movie will be released on 17th September in 2021 on HBO Max and the theaters collaboratively. Viewers can watch the film from their home comfort for free for one month in the HBO Max Ad-free subscription plan. After one month, the title will not be available on HBO Max.

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