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Cruciferous Vegetables: Nutritional and Prevents Cancer!

Cruciferous Vegetables are considered to be vegetables which include Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage and Cauliflower along with many other green vegetables. We have all heard that eating green vegetables is very healthy since we were small kids. Our parents would train us and want us to become individuals who consumed healthy food and had a good and healthy life.

However, we have detached from the concept of healthy behavior as we have grown up. Why is that? The major reason is that we were never given proper explanations for these claims. The idea of rewarding a child when they eat vegetables is just superficial. In fact, it never works.

Broccoli  Cauliflower Cabbage
Calories 44 34 22
Fiber 5 g 5g 2 g
Vitamin C 165% 75% 38%
Vitamin A 33% 1% 2%

In order to make cruciferous vegetables a staple form of diet, we need to understand the various benefits they have including the vitamins and minerals they have. We need to understand how they also help in preventing a dangerous disease like cancer.

The dark green veggies are said to be way more nutritious because of their high fiber and low calorie formula. It works wonders and keeps the person healthy. They are called cruciferous for a reason as the latin meaning of the word is “cross”. This is because of the layered leafy structure of the vegetables.

Which Nutrients Are Present in Cruciferous Vegetables?

Cruciferous vegetables have a lot of vitamins like Vitamin K and also have beneficial minerals like folate. The dark green ones also have Vitamin A and C which are considered to be very important for a person’s immunity and helps improve the overall health of an individual by making him more energetic and active. These minerals prevent the fatigue that is imbibed by consuming fried and processed food that harms the body and makes it unhealthy.

Cruciferous Vegetables

It isn’t that hard to obtain these vegetables as they are available in the market easily. An adult must consume at least 2.5 cups of these veggies daily as the high fiber content automatically improves digestion and leads to a better lifestyle. This makes a person more healthy and helps them achieve their goals easily as a healthy body further translates into a healthy mind.

How Do Cruciferous Vegetables Reduce the Risk of Cancer?

There is a bitter flavor attached with these vegetables and that is why people are often finding different recipes to make them tolerable and hoping that they please their taste buds.

The component that makes these vegetables a little unpopular in taste is glucosinolates, which are sulfur-containing chemicals. Although this destroys the taste, it is a major cause of the various health benefits that these vegetables have.

Cruciferous Vegetables

The presence of indoles in these vegetables breaks down the food, making it easier to digest and has been clinically tested and various experiments have taken place which have given the results that the compound has multiple benefits, including the reduction in cancer risk.

Because of the presence of this substance, the risk of cancer is reduced in people. With the increase in the number of cancer patients over the globe, simply eating vegetables seems like a great preventive measure which is also an easy way to maintain your overall health.

What Are the Other Benefits of Cruciferous Vegetables?

Studies on cells of various animals have shown promising results. It is believed that these vegetables protect cells from DNA damage and also prevent inflammation. We know that any form of inflammation in the body is harmful and hence its prevention is always a good result. 

They also reduce cell death and prevent the formation of tumor blood vessels. If not prevented, there is a chance that these vessels might result in becoming cancerous and leading to unnecessary discomfort that could have been prevented otherwise.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Along with preventing these major health effects, they also help in inducing weight loss because of their low calorie count. They also are very fibrous and nutritious which makes them a perfect supplement instead of consuming various supplements prescribed by doctors when  a person is unable to imbibe a lifestyle that includes consumption of these vegetables.

How Can These Vegetables Be Consumed?

The best way to consume them is either by cooking them or by infusing them in your diet through salads or sandwiches. A lot of times, children show reluctance in having these vegetables because of their unpleasant taste and to fight that, various recipes have been introduced in order to make these vegetables delicious. This fulfills the purpose of parents who want to make sure that their kid is eating healthy especially in the growth years.

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