Crimp Cramp Release Date & More Latest Updates

Hello lads, a new American documentary film is waiting to touch the hearts and souls of the fans.

Crip Camp is co-produced, written, and written by Nicole Newnham, James Lebrecht. The running time of the movie is 108 minutes. Production companies Rusted Spoke, Ford Production, and Little Punk showed trust in the documentary.

Plot: What is the plotline of Crip Camp?

An American documentary not only showed the reality of the world towards people who are different. but also reflects how they can bounce back. Our places are not suitable for disabled people whether it is malls, footpaths, or public places. Disabled feel left out and neglected for generations only because of us.

  • Crimp Cramp

Crip Camp explores the camp Joined where all disabled people live as a community. Help each other do their household chores like bathing, eating, wearing clothes, etc. For many of them, it was the first sign of freedom, it is the time for their identification and growing together as a group. Crip Camp is related to deep-rooted activism for disabled people for their rights, the possibilities of progress, and budding dreams.

Many other disabled people admired the idea of camp and admired the love and affection of the community. Crip Camp offers an inspiring and heart-melting documentary that we never experienced before. It is a safe haven for disabled people ranging from Cerebral palsy to polio. It was located in Catskills in Newyork, functional from 1950 to 1970.

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The director of Crip Camp, Jim Lebrecht visited there at the age of 15, and it was a life-changing moment for him. The freedom and eagerness to show their potential were in the air. This is the camp where he met his first girlfriend, whom he learned about life.

Release Date: When Can We Watch Crip Camp?

Crip Camp is proved to be one of the most inspiring and an eye-opener for all the Viewers. Crip Camp when comes on March 25, 2020. no one could expect the huge success of this movie in such a short period.

You can watch the movie on the undermentioned platforms.

Cast: Names of the Characters Involve in Crip Camp?

Here I would like to mention the names who have been in the camp.

All these names are the camper and had first-hand experience in the Jened camp.

1. James Lebrecht

2. Lionel Je’Woodyard

3. Joseph O’Connor

4. Ann Cupolo Freeman

5. Denise Sherer Jacobson

6. Larry Allison

7. Ellie Abrashkin

8. Jean Malafronte

9. Steve Hofmann

10. Michael Tannenbaum

11. Judith Heumann

12. Howard Gutstadt

13. Ed Roberts. ( He is executive director, Center for Independent living).

14. Corbett O’Toole. ( She is a writer and Activist)

15. Joseph A. Califano. ( He is a Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare).

Platforms: Where Fans Can Watch Crip Camp?

Crip Camp has the potential to perform not only on the screens of America but all over the world. It is popular among disabled and activists and the most awaited show for them in 2020. Netflix is the Host for this show. You can stay with us for more info and watch similar genre movies and shows on the platform.

Ratings: What Are the Ratings of Crip Camp?

Crip Camp did a great job on the screens after its release.

Crimp Cramp

It is one of the best documentaries for disabled people out there. The ratings of Crip Camp on IMDb are 7.7 /10 and 100% rotten tomatoes. It shows the reality of the Conditions of disabled people and how they fought.


The Camp ‘Jened’ provides a sense of carelessness, that is absent at homes. At camp, nobody is different because everyone was the same in some sense. The camp is run by many councillors like Judy Heumann, Bobbi Linn, Freida Tankus who were also disability rights activists.

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We also have to think about them because they are among us and consist of 20% of our population. They don’t require special treatment but similar behaviour as we do with our colleagues and friends.

In Crip Camp, a documentary you will find actual footage of Camp Jened from the 1970s. The production team got these images and videos from People’s video theatre, Howard Gutstadt who spent his life filming all these camps.

If you are a free-minded person, wants to explore the horizon go and watch the documentary without any hesitation.