Is Criminal mind Season 16 Cancelled or Not?

One of the most popular series on CBS Network Criminal Minds is a thriller, crime drama in the US. It is a police drama spin around a team of criminologists working under the FBI. They are part of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). As a technique, they use behavioral studies and profiling to examine crimes and find culprits. They work as a team throughout the series to solve several criminal cases.

Created by Jeff Davis, the series first hit the screen on September 22, 2005. The series received love and appreciation from millions of viewers. Consequently, 15 seasons were released, and season 15 ended on February 19, 2020. The showrunners have produced 324 episodes in total. Soon it became one of the most-watched shows on CBS. Numerous spins off and a video game series were also.

Criminal mind Season 16 Cancelled or Not

The Release Date of Criminal Mind Season 16

Criminal mind’s last and final season of the series came to an end on February 19, 2021. And on the same day, rumors spread about the revival of the series. This time Paramount took over the series, and the revival would be done by paramount. Paramount showed the green light to the revival on February 24, 2020. The new season will consist of 10 episodes.

However, the showrunners have not revealed an exact release date. But it is too soon to expect the release date. The production of every series came to halt due to the global pandemic of coronavirus, and this one is different. However, the showrunners have revealed that the series is in the early development stage. It will likely take a year to land. It will land somewhere in 2022.

Well, if we get any news about the release date, we will inform you.

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Where Can We Watch the Criminal Mind Series?

The prominent series is streaming on several platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. You can also watch it on HULU and Hotstar premium.

The Plot | What Will happen in Season 16?

Criminal minds focus on the members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU), an agency of the FBI. It depicts a series of murder mysteries. They use the analysis of the behaviors of criminals to find out the culprits. The series contains small storylines with overarching stories from one episode to another. Well, showrunners have not revealed the plot of the new series. However, the showrunners have hinted at the plot and said-

Criminal mind Season 16 Cancelled or Not

“There was crazy stuff thrown out in the room, and we didn’t just shoot it down. We would say, ‘Okay, how could that happen?’ The idea of a live episode or… what do you call it?… a documentary film crew following the crew around,” she said. “We ended up exploring some of those, but ultimately we weren’t able to find a way to keep it true to the series.”

The Cast of Criminal Mind Season 16? Who Will We See in It?

The creators have not revealed much about the potential cast of season 16. However, according to a report on TVLine, the showrunners are only pondering the potential cast. But they hinted that the cast would consist of both known characters and new faces. Here we have some guesses regarding the cast of season 16.

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The last season included Adam Rodriguez as Luke, Matthew Gray Gubler as Spencer, Joe Mantegna as Ross, Kirsten Vangsness as Garcia, Paget Brewster as Prentiss, A. J. Cook as J.J, and Aisha Tyler as Lewis. The characters were fighting to live. However, it does not mean we will see all the characters from season 15. But good chances are that numerous characters will return from season 15.

Criminal mind Season 16 Cancelled or Not

One of the favorite characters is Derek Morgan played by Shemar Moore. He was with us from 2005-2017. He was not seen in the finale because he left the show for S.W.A.T. We might see him if Paramount would convince her. Well, we have to wait for a while to have the list of characters who will appear in season 16. But, surely, more murder mysteries are waiting to entertain you.

Is There Any Trailer Available for Criminal Mind Season 16?

No, the series is in the early development stage. Therefore, you have to wait for some time to watch the trailer for season 16. Enjoy the fan-made trailer till then.

What Is the IMDb Rating of the Criminal Mind Series?

The outstanding police procedural series caught the attention of millions of viewers. It received an exceptional rating of 8.1 out of 10.

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Final Words

It is one of the longest-running police procedural dramas. It has won the heart of numerous viewers and able to clinched numerous awards since its release. The viewers can not able to restrain themselves from watching it. You will be mesmerized by the intelligence of the officers. The cinematography and the murder mysteries will keep you hooked during the whole series.

If you like to watch police procedurals, believe me, you don’t want to miss that. What do you think about Criminal Minds? Are you also waiting to see it again? Tell me in the comment box.