Creed 2: Know Everything About This American Sports Drama!

Searching here and there to watch extraordinary thrills in the sports then you may watch Creed 2 sports film directed by Steven Caple Jr. Creed 2 follows the life of Adonis Creed and the struggle from which he is fighting inside and outside and he meets Viktor Drago and has to fight against him.

Drago is the son of Ivan’s and Drago’s father, known as the powerful man tooks the life of Apollo Creed, father of Adonis Creed in 1985’s Rocky IV. Sylvestor Stallone along with the help of Juel Taylor wrote the film which is based on the story given by Sascha Penn and Cheo Hodari Coker.

In the Rocky Franchise it is the 8th one and 2nd movie or the 2015 Creed sequel.

Creed 2: Release Date

creed 2

The second movie creed 2 is confirmed in 2016 but delayed as Jordan and Coogle are busy in the shooting of Black Panther due to which script was completed at the time of summer in 2017 shooting of the film started in March 2018 in Philadelphia and concluded at the end of June.

Before releasing the film internationally the film came in North America with the help of Annapurna Pictures and released internationally on November 21, 2018 by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The film took out the revenue of $214 million worldwide against the budget of $50 million only and received most of the positive reviews from the audience and critics and also the film was praised for its characters.

The next sequel is also confirmed to be released which is set to come on 23 November, 2022 and it was directed by Jordan.

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Who are the Cast Members in Creed 2?

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  • Adonis Creed is played by Michael B. Jordan, a heavyweight boxer and his real name is Donnie Johnson.
  • Robert “Rocky” Balboa is played by Sylvester Stallone. He had an Italian restaurant in Philadelphia and he is the best friend of Apollo and Adonis’s trainer and mentor.
  • Viktor Drago, played by Florian Munteanu, son of ruthless boxer Ivan.
  • Ivan Drago, played by Doph Lundgren who uses steroids and takes world attention due to his training and strength.
  • Bianca played by Tessa Thompson who was suffering from hear loss and the fiancee of Donnie.

There are many other cast members who played an amazing role and contributed to the movie to achieve and achieve success.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Is Creed 3 Coming?

Yes, Creed 3 is announced to schedule on November 23, 2022 in the USA.

Who Wins the Fight in Creed 2?

In Creed 2 Adonis became the champion by beating Drago in the heavyweight championship.

Did Real Users Play the Role of Characters in Creed?

Yes, Tony Bellew and Andre Ward are the real boxers who are filmed in the Creed and Creed 2 and Bellew plays the role of “Pretty” Ricky Conlan and while shooting or fighting in the movie he accidently gave a real punch to Jordan during the scene.

Can I Watch Creed and Creed 2?

creed 2

Yes, you can definitely watch Creed 2 as it was the American Sports drama film which is worth watching as of solid and amazing dialogues and the strong performance of the fighters.

Can Amazon Prime Video have Creed 2?

Yes, can you buy or rent this fighting and American sports movie on Amazon Prime Video.

Is Creed 2 Available on American Netflix?

No, Steven Caple Jr. movie creed 2 is not Available on American Netflix but you can unlock this movie by changing your Netflix region in your Country or choosing Canadian Netflix region or other where the film is available.

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What Are the Other Options Where Creed 2 Is Available?

You can stream Creed 2 2018 movie on the given platforms-

  • Hulu
  • Sling Tv
  • Apple TV
  • Vudu
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Youtube and on Netflix in few regions.

Creed 2: Ratings and Reviews


The second movie in creed which runs for 2 hours and 10 mins got 7.1 ratings out of 10 which is excellent to renew another movie or sequel. As the popularity of this sports drama is increasing which results in announcement of third movie of Creed i.e. Creed III.

Have you read the tagline of creed 2 which is ‘the legend becomes stronger’.

There are more than 800+ user reviews written on IMDB regarding the movie and one of the top reviews is that it is an amazing movie.

Rotten Tomatoes

This PG-13, 2018 movie received 83% Tomato meter rating with 309 reviews and more than 5000+ ratings with an audience score of 79% and on Metacritic Creed 2 film received 66%.

Want to Watch Creed 2 Trailer?

Here you can watch Creed 2 official Trailer and Creed 3 fan made trailer which are given below-

Last Lines

Creed 2 is a good action and sports drama film which came out in 2018 and now fans are waiting for Creed 3 which will come soon and the new movie is also set to release in November 2022. So its upon you, whether to watch Creed 2 and wait for its third movie or watch other sports dramas on to explore more.