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Cracks between BCCI and National Cricket Academy?

Mumbai: A senior Indian cricketer, who had hit the net and started training in a private facility in permanent lockdown began in June, he had a minor injury. So, he wanted NCA (National Cricket Academy) to visit him.

NCA was showing helplessness to senior cricketer not much we can do in this lockdown. Academy can provide help by online diagnosis and treatment will be given remotely because NCA does not a total medical record of cricketers at NCA depository.

The senior cricket is fit from injury and is back to practice. NCA academy showing helplessness to the senior cricket is a sensation point soon after.

What exactly is the role of NCA if not to observe with the cricketer’s fitness and any injury-related concern a maintain the record. On Wednesday senior cricketer’s administrator hed a webinar with Academy and BCCI members and with operational divisions.

Cracks between BCCI and National Cricket Academy?

The administrator added that How fractured can a national academy look when it can’t take care of a leading Indian cricketer? These are the loopholes that lead to system failure and other expectations. This is what NCA is cable of delivering currently.

Legend Rahul Dravid at the helm, NCA has time which is taking responsible action to build better work policies and transparency. More structured vision in place NAC members explained it should take place under BCCI and academy acknowledgment as NAC hospital in which no one wants to go.

Rahul Dravid in the long webinar along with NCA colleagues discussed matters related to data manipulation. Members were not convinced in the webinar told: “it’s a monologue not a dialogue”.

They show the scorecard to NAC and sad it’s not a score to be proud of.

The number of cricketers who were at the NCA for a rehab program between April 2019 and March 2020: 

  • 218 males and 44 female players.
  • 14.74: percentage of (male and female) who sustained a shoulder injury.
  • 13.11: percentage of the player had knee injuries.
  • 11.48: percentage of players with an ankle injury.
  • 10.49: percentage of players with thigh injuries.

BCCI members sad it as a primary concern.

NCA is becoming the policymaking entity, but not working in a productive manner as per the role associated with them. They are producing a lack of irresponsibility in terms of a cricket academy.

Do they trust Dravid, more than any other individual, the cable of pulling it off?

“Of course, ” they say, ” except that most of the David time is given on none cricketing issues. Dravid is an assist to NCA as it has his entire focus on U-19 and Indian A team.

With due respect, Dravid needs to be given more time to make a difference sad by BCCI on the webinar. Members have not raised more question to former Indian cricket team captain.

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