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COVID-19 hits hockey: 6 positive cases – Uncertainities for the Men’s Camp

The Affected Players By Covid-19

The forthcoming male’s coaching camp of the Indian Hockey team in under fault because more than a dozen players are affected by COVID-19. Most of them are corona positive.

Players who have coronavirus positive are-

  • Manpreet Singh, he is the skipper of the team
  • Sandeep Singh, he played as the striker
  • Surender Kumar, defender
  • Jaskaran Singh, he is also the defender of the team
  • Varum Kumar, he is the drag-flicker.
  • Bahadur Pathak, the goalkeeper of the team.

These people are all affected by a coronavirus and are COVID-19 positive.

From the reports, Mandeep’s condition was so much worse than he had to be hospitalized as he had very low-level of oxygen. He was having a hard time breathing.

The Female Camp Is Doing Far Better

From the source of SAI, we got to know that all reports of the Covid-19 test had not yet arrived as the male camp is expecting more affected people due to the spread from 6 players.

Whereas, the female camp is still fine from coronavirus. There is not a single case of positive from the women’s camp, which is a good sign. But due to the spread in male’s camp, the women’s team is requested to stay in 14 days of quarantine and maintain all the hygiene.

Now, the total count is 33 male and 24 female players are positive for Covid-19 from the Indian Hockey camp, Bengaluru.

What do you think, who brought the Coronavirus inside the hockey campus?? Was it the 6 Punjabi players??

Reopening Notice Of The Camp By NSF

According to the report, those 6 players who got affected were traveling in a group of 10 members from New Delhi to Bengaluru.

So according to the sources, the number of positive cases might go high up.

From the last week of August, the light intensity national camp was going to start and due to the pandemic lockdown, it was decided that it will be held up to the end of September.

Bengaluru national club wanted to resume their practice and for that SAI along with NSF (NATIONAL SPORTS FEDERATIONS) granted the general permission to Hockey India, keeping in mind the infrastructure of the male camp of Bengaluru.

Arijit Pal Censures The Punjabi Players

The source said that during the outbreak of coronavirus, the players did not follow any safety measures or prevention for corona for which most of the male players are affected, from the Bengaluru camp.

Arijit Pal, the former cup winning Indian Captain fiercely criticized the Punjabi Players who had done such a long journey from New Delhi to Bengaluru. He also hits on Hockey India by claiming that in this serious situation where the whole world is suffering from a virus, Hockey India must keep its players inside the home, just for now at least.

He also said indicating the Punjabi players who had traveled such a long distance in this pandemic, they must have been more careful as they are the federal idols, from them what the coming generations will learn.

He also cross-fired the Hockey officials that how come the girls camp have fewer corona cases over there, as they are more alert and they maintained all the prevention procedures. He also finally added that life is more important than any sports. Since there is no major tournament in this pandemic, the federation should close the camps completely.

To know more updates on what Arijit Pal had more to claim, stay tuned with us.