Counterpart Season 3 Release Date: Confirmation on Renewal or Cancellation!

Can we expect the third installment by the end of this year?


This article is updated on 27 January 2022: An American Television drama, Counterpart, which sounds more like some sort of video game-like Counter-Strike is recently making a lot of fuss online. The science-fiction TV show which was created by Justin Marks is a source of talk recently. The series has already released two seasons and now people are asking for the three. I am sure that you are already waiting for the series to release and that's why you are here. Counterpart Season 3 is highly requested series of the year.

Science Fiction television shows are always a center of attraction for many people. While it is Roswell New Mexico, Colony, The Man in the High Castle, people love these kinds of movies to watch. 


In this section, we will see what will be the future of season 3. Furthermore, this series will focus on all the details regarding season 3. If you are a fan of this series then read this article till the end to know everything about this article. 

What is Counterpart?


The American thriller drama series was first released on 10 December 2017. The series has already been popular because of its nature. Other than being popular, this series has got some amazing feedback and rating from the people which we will discuss afterward. 

After the successful season, the creators decided to launch the second season for the audience. As the show ends now, the audience wants to know about the renewal status of the third season. Well, without any delay let’s jump right into that. 

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Will there be Season 3 of Counterpart?

Counterpart season 3

The second season ends on 17 Feb 2019 with the release of its last episodes titled “Better Angels”. After releasing 20 such episodes, Counterpart has said goodbye to the fans. The people are still hoping to see the third season, but it is nearly impossible. 

The series has officially ended and season two was the finale of this show. Well, it is good to watch this show because it doesn't involve much of the explanation. The story demands for the show were less and that’s why they ended the series in two seasons. While on the other hand, if the creators want, they can welcome another season because there is always more to hear from such a movie. 

But according to some resources, the creators are out from the storyline and they have nothing more to release. The show's admirers are also hoping that the additional script might help them to bring back another season. 

Nothing is officially released yet and for now, we are judging that the show is canceled. If there will be any more status updates for this show, then I’ll let you know. 

Will Netflix Pick up Counterpart?

If you want to watch this series then the first thing you’ll do is to head towards Netflix. The popular streaming platform already offers a lot of shows such as The Order, Titans, Making A murderer, Sex Education, Money Heist, and many more. So, a person will definitely think to go to Netflix, 

Other than that, Netflix is already taking over many Tv series but sadly they don’t have Counterpart. But I think the series may be available on Netflix after a few years because many shows are being taken by them. 

Did Counterpart end on a Cliffhanger?

Counterpart season 3

The end of this show was quite not conclusive. The series was however satisfied with the viewer but they will still demand another season. It is because the series is great and I will surely recommend the people to look for it. 

It is a thing, “Good series is ALWAYS incomplete”. No matter how great the series is, they will never fulfill the demand of satisfaction within a person. 

The last episode which is titled “Better Angels” looks like the series has forcefully tried to summarize the show. With the end of season 2. It looks like they have tried to put Howards in some sort of conclusion but they ultimately fail. 

Well, in my opinion, the series can be extended to new episodes. If it happens then it would do only good for a show. If there will be any more updates regarding the third season then I’ll let you know. 

Drama Name Counterpart
Category Sci-fi
Release Date not confirmed
Creator Justin Marks
No. of Seasons 2


Is Counterpart Worth Watching?

If science fiction and thriller are something that always catches your eyes, this is something you must try. While watching this series you will definitely feel the need to learn more things in Science related topics, 

I’ll also suggest the students watch the show so that they can evenly judge how is to be a science student *SARCASM*

Nothing more, Counterpart is a great show and is quite underrated, to be honest. The show can be more popular if the audience gets to it more and more. If Netflix decided to take this show on their platform then we might be able to see some growth in the viewership. Till then, there are no chances to popularize this masterpiece. 

What are the ratings of this show?

The ratings of Counterpart are pretty amazing and the critics have also rated this show with their best ratings. The IMDb rating has given the Counterpart with 8.1/10 rating. 

Not only this but the show has 100% of rotten tomatoes. Coming to the next critics rating, has rated 8.3/10 to the counterpart. 

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The audience of this show is also honest and gave 4.8 stars in the audience rating summary. As I said earlier that this show is amazing with a great storyline but it lacks reach for a much larger audience. 

Final words

The Counterpart is an American television show which is popular for its Science and fiction nature. The show has released two seasons for the audience and now there has been talking about the third one. Sadly, the creators have canceled the series for the audience and there will be no more season of Counterpart. The series is amazing for the people who always want to explore more. It may not be that popular as other science fiction series but it is one of the best-underrated science fiction shows. 

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