Coronavirus updates: 355 new cases reported in Saudi Arabia, total rises to 3287

COVID-19 has become a severe and critical situation. Three more death cases from Saudi Arabia have been recorded on Thursday, i.e. 9th April. Now the total death rate rises to 44 in number. It also announced that there are 355 newly recorded cases. So the total cases recorded across Saudi Arabia are 3287 in number. Mohammed Al Abdulali, the Health Ministry Spokesperson has mentioned the 35 newly healed cases. Till now the number of improved cases has been raised to 666.

The Health Ministry also mentioned that about 35k citizens of Dubai were recovered during their self-quarantine from COVID-19. The newly occurring cases were infecting people who are interacting with the people under quarantine in the past. But the upcoming cases of COVID-19 were showing high precision while diagnosis. There are 80k volunteers from Saudi Arabia who are willing to support the infected persons. He mentioned that during the Hajj period, they have internationally applauded the volunteers. He has also spotlighted support for citizens of Saudi Arabia and emigrants to get house arrested and to maintain social distance from everyone.

The Coronavirus has attacked the royal members in Saudi as well as the governor of Riyadh, who was admitted to ICU. A person who is close to the royal family stated that more than 150 royals were interacted with Corona along with their maids and low job profile people. Tawfiq al-Rabiah, the Health Minister has mentioned in a press meet that in the upcoming weeks the infections will increase from 10k to 200,000. So the rulers have started regulating travelers to Saudi Arabia and closed the Muslim holy sites, Mecca and Medina earlier on 2nd March before the 1st case from the Kingdom was recorded.

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