Coronavirus: New vaccine may be effective in preventing infection

Researchers have claimed to have found a vaccine that could prove to be a panacea for the corona epidemic. Researchers claim that its use of mice has been successful.

The MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) vaccine may prove useful in preventing corona infection. Researchers successfully tested this vaccine on a rat who was given a heavy dose of MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). MERS is very similar to the Coronavirus, which has caused havoc all over the world at this time.

US University of Georgia and University of Iowa research

Researchers at the US University of Georgia and the University of Iowa claimed that the vaccine used a harmful virus to induce an immune response in cells. After this test, one hopes to develop a vaccine against coronavirus diseases. According to the study published in the journal, this vaccine is a parainfluenza virus (PI5), which contains the spike protein, used to infect MERS cells. Despite giving the fatal dose of MERS when the vaccine was used on the rat, nothing happened to it.

A useful vaccine against parainfluenza virus against coronavirus epidemic

Our new study shows that the parainfluenza virus may prove to be an effective vaccine against the coronavirus epidemic, said the University of Iowa researcher Professor Paul McCray. Researchers are now planning to study animals using more parainfluenza virus-based vaccines as both MERS and COVID-19 spread due to the coronavirus. MERS is more deadly, but since the virus spread since 2012, there have been only 2,494 cases so far. At the same time, 70 thousand people have died in Wuhan due to the COVID-19 virus spread in December last year.