Coronavirus Lockdown: Work from home, eat healthy snacks to avoid weight gain

Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, almost every office has implemented a work from home policy. Many people are working from home, but there is also a concern about gaining weight. The best way is to continue your fitness schedule by exercising at home. But you can also change your diet to prevent weight gain. While working at home, there is some food and drink in between which adds extra calories. But here are some healthy snacks that can add a limited amount of calories to the diet, to prevent weight gain.

Protein Bar

Protein makes the stomach feel full for a long time, and this will cause less food. One of the best options is a protein bar. A protein bar is a quick snack you can enjoy anytime. You can also prepare a protein bar at home with some ingredients and taste it anytime.

Boiled Egg

A boiled egg gives 77 calories. It is the best food for protein sources. Boiled eggs can be eaten for breakfast. It will also keep your stomach full for a long time. Eggs are also the powerhouse of other essential nutrients. Doctors say that if you want to lose weight or keep it under control, then definitely include eggs in the diet. Eggs help suppress appetite better than other types of protein.


Popcorn is another tasty snack, which has limited calories. You can eat a cup of popcorn, but take care not to add extra butter or salt to it. An ordinary bowl of popcorn contains thirty calories, which is about fifty times less than the same amount of potato chips. The fiber present in popcorn does not allow to starve quickly. Eating more often than this can be avoided. Popcorn is also very easy to make. It is a type of corn that has a hardened rind and starch inside it. When this corn is heated, the pressure inside the corn grain increases. This makes the grains pop into the shape of popcorn. This is an excellent option for those working at home, as it also keeps digestion healthy.


Fruits are full of many nutrients. It would be beneficial to include fruits in your daily diet. You can prepare a mixture of different fruits. Include citrus fruits in the food; it will also help in promoting immunity. Make a mixture of nuts, seeds, and dry fruits. This fist mixture will help eliminate hunger. It is a delicious snack, which is rich in nutrients, and it is healthy in many ways.