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Coronavirus Lockdown effect: BBMP delivers Food Kits and essential things for needy

BBMP Food delivery to doorstep

Because of the COVID-19, many people are waiting for food, especially laborers, and they are not able to do any work in this horrible situation, so they are suffering to buy daily needs and food. So BBMP decided to distribute food kits for the people who are not able to go out and buy food because of the Lockdown.

Chief Goutham Kumar said that they would get a clear idea about the people who require food within three days. Our corporates are in process to identify the people in their wards. So that they will get a total picture of the people because to avoid the rush for food, they decided to distribute food every home by maintaining the social distance. BBMP chooses to deliver the food kits at the doorsteps of the recipients, and people will get free milk without going outside from home. So, people stay home and be safe, save our nation.

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike uses their available funds, and they decide to use 25lakhs per each ward from the funds and distribute the Food Grain Kits for the people in Bangalore. BBMP decides to distribute over 5000 kits for each department for free. Bengaluru Mayor Goutham Kumar decided to distribute food for the labors for free and meal packages for each ward, he said about this process on a meeting which was held on Thursday with all the ruling party leaders and opposition party leaders. All the leaders agreed with this idea, and BBMP was decided to use this Programme Of Work, corporates get all the permissions to spend 25L per each ward.

BBMP utilizes these funds to give medicine in urgency and food delivery kits for each ward, and They use 25L. At present, the Labour Department was distributing these kits for only labor migrants and construction workers. Apart from food delivery, BBMP is doing many activities.

BBMP is removing the doctors from work, who are having above 60 years. Because corOna will be effect more on older people. BBMP Commissioner BH Anil Kumar said about this in the meeting, they terminated all the doctors from the workers who are having 60 years, and they appoint new doctors too. And they turning hotels as quarantine centers, till now BBMP identifies 17 hotels and 1400 rooms for the people who are having contact with the carona patients. And they decided to transfer wedding halls and community halls as quarantine centers with all the facilities.

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