Coronavirus Effect On Poor People, Food Prices Surge Triple Times In The Three Weeks

Food Prices Going To Be Hike: Because of the carona pandemic all the food prices are going to hike three times, the cost of the rice and grains are gained recently. because of the carona virus outbreak. And all the restrictions will affect on labor shortage so that it will affect the loading and unloading of the products. Economists warned the government about the current situation in food, these all rules and regulations are going to spike in food prices, and they said that in very soon, these all will run oppositely, supply shock would turn as a demand shock.

Lock Down Impact on People

In India, 400 million poor people’s income was shattered because of the carona virus national wide. The Geneva-based International Labour Organization gave this report on April 8th, 2020. because of the lockdown in India, all the essential staples, and barring cereals cost surged nearly three times. Prices of cereals moving high from one month because of the shock of supply stock.

How The Prices Of The Food Going To Change: Key steps

APMC (agricultural produce market committees) and Data from the consumer affairs ministry, found the reasons for these higher prices. According to the official and market data reviewed by the Hindustan time, prices are increasing sharply.

  1. From the first week of the march, the arrival of the farm commodities was decreased by 60% of markets. And the markets were plunged in APMC markets.
  2. So truckers are going to struggle to cross international service boundaries. So land transportation costs also increased highly.
  3. And the next one is loading and unloading; no laborers will come to load or unload the items. But because of the carona, it leads to giving results in labor shortages.

These three are the main reasons for increasing the prices of the foods. This economist is currently working with the Delhi based Jawaharlal Nehru University said that because of the restriction in the movement was lead to spike the food prices. And he explained that soon, supply shocks could turn as demand shocks. So, Loss of the income will lead to a drop in demand for food in the coming days, so day by day consumption of food will decrease so that it results in the taking of nutritious food.

The government warns farmers no need to come markets fro selling the goods, and they give tickets in every village volunteer farmers can collect the token number from the volunteers. So, all the eligible agents will come to your fields and buy the items. Because of social distance government decides to send the agent to you.

Coronavirus Impact on Farmers

And a farmer from Sagar district Madhya Pradesh said that they were unable to sell vegetables due to the lockdown on the effect of the corona. No transports are available to take to the wholesale markets. They pluck the cabbage, and cauliflower, and all other vegetables, but they use all to feed the cattle. So our government failed to deliver the products for fair prices.