Coronavirus Bangalore: 10 New Cases Confirmed In Bangalore, on a Whole 207 cases recorded

corona in karnataka

Corona disturbs the world within a few days; every day, many people are infected with this virus and lose their life. Day by day, death polls are increased, and the number of cases is going high. In Karnataka, 207 people are infected by this virus, and six people have died till April 9th. So, Karnataka state government decides to extend the lockdown for more days people need to support for this to save their families and themselves from the Carona pandemic.

In the 207 infected people, a total of 30 people are recovered from dangerous diseases and went back to their homes. And six have passed away. From the early morning of April 10th, ten new positive cases are reported in Karnataka, and this statement was issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Maybe the number will increase on this day. This virus came to the state one month one day ago. That’s on March 9th, 2020. yesterday’s highest number of cases reported in Karnataka that was 16. Out of 207, 171 active cases are taking their treatment in the isolation wards at the hospitals, and Bengaluru is having the highest number of confirmed cases, till now the state confirmed 70 cases and 17 people were discharged from the hospitals.

An 80-year-old woman died on April 9th, she joined in the hospital with severe, severe respiratory problems she died at Gadag district early on Thursday, and she was diagnosed with corona on the 6th of this moth and death poll goes to 6 after she died.

So the government of Karnataka taking more actions which will come out from the house with unnecessary reasons, and decided to extend the lockdown period for 21 days more. And the chief minister of Karnataka Yeddyurappa focuses on this. He decided to withdraw this curfew in the carona free districts, but he banned all the travels from areas to another area. Because if he removed this lockdown in effected regions, it would be spread the more, and a massive number of people will be effect by the virus.


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