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The ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ Rapper Coolio Died on September 28 at the Age of 59

Rapper Coolio has passed away at the age of 59, his management announced on Wednesday night. He was best known for his songs “Fantastic Voyage” and “Gangsta’s Paradise.”

Artis Leon Ivey Jr., better known by his stage name Coolio, had a career in music that lasted for more than three decades. His manager, Jarez Posey, stated, “As far as what I know now is that he was at a friend’s house and was in his bathroom and had a heart attack.”

No other information was available right away.

Around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics went to the house to look into a death, according to the department. It couldn’t establish the deceased person’s identify. Official identification will be made public by the Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s Office, according to officials.

The 'Gangsta's Paradise' Rapper Coolio Passed Away on September 28 at the Age of 59

A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Police Department stated there is no indication of wrongdoing. “Gangsta’s Paradise,” a 1995 single that lasted three weeks at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, earned Coolio a Grammy.

It is one of the most well-known rap songs of all time and was the No. 1 hit in the United States in 1995, according to Billboard. The song “Aw, Here it Goes,” which served as the theme for the well-liked Nickelodeon programme “Keenan and Kel” in the 1990s, was written by Coolio.

After hearing about Coolio’s passing online, other musicians started lamenting his loss. Continue reading to learn what other artists had to say about the “Gangsta’s Paradise” vocalist.

The 'Gangsta's Paradise' Rapper Coolio Passed Away on September 28 at the Age of 59

Ice Cube: “These are dreadful news. I have personally observed this man’s ascent to the top of his profession. Coolio, please rest in peace.”

Andy Milonakis “RIP, Coolio, you were a legend. When I had the privilege of visiting his home to work with him on a cooking show, he offered me my first taste of fried turkey. He was a funny and friendly guy.”

Mr. C. Hammer “One of the kindest men I’ve ever met. decent individuals. The late Coolio.”

I just learned that my close friend Coolio passed away, said Vanilla Ice.

Ice T: “Holly S—t!!! He and I just had a conversation two weeks ago! He was presenting a show in Europe. It’s so F*cked up,”

“Peaceful Journey Brother. #Coolio,” said Questlove.

“Rest peacefully, Coolio,” said D-Nice.

More than three decades were spent in Coolio’s musical career. The Los Angeles-based rapper became well-known in the middle of the 1990s thanks to the song “Gangsta’s Paradise,” which was included on the soundtrack for the 1995 movie “Dangerous Minds,” starring Michelle Pfeiffer.

Coolio passed away at the age of 59.