Control Z Season 3 Review and Ending Explained!

Control Z Season 3, a Mexican YA mystery series on Netflix, returns with a frenetic third season that chronicles the secrets surrounding the kids of the National School as they continue to deepen. As the frightening online menace @allyoursecrets threatens to reveal the student body’s darkest secrets once more, Sofia and her friends try to conceal the horrible murder they witnessed the year before.

This is the most brutal season to date of the Mexican teen mystery thriller, as the body count rises. No one is beyond suspicion, and it appears that the faceless opponent has extended outside the institution. Appropriately, the conclusion leaves us with unanswered questions. Prepared to delve into the mysteries of ‘Control Z’ season three? Let’s determine what’s what. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Control Z Season 3 Brief Recap

Control Z Season 3 begins immediately after the conclusion of season 2, with Sofia and the other students gathered around the body of principal Susana. She is obviously dead after falling from the school building, and the students panic. They ultimately decide against calling the police and escaping the site.

Control Z season 3

The next year, the pupils discover that Susana’s body was discovered in her apartment and that she committed herself. While most of them are relieved, Sofia remains convinced that they will regret not reporting Susana’s death. Soon thereafter, @allyoursecrets started posting menacing messages on social media, threatening to reveal that the kids were responsible for Susana’s death.

When it is discovered that Ral took the photograph being used to blackmail the students, he is once again the major suspect. However, Ral’s predicament quickly reveals that their true tormentor is someone else. The hacking of his account by @allyoursecrets has rendered Ral impoverished and homeless. Meanwhile, Gerry is in juvenile detention for the murder of Luis. Gerry is taken in by Luis’s bereaved mother after being freed from the facility unable to return home.

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Sofia and Javier attempt to identify the true @allyoursecrets, but their collaboration falls apart when Javier discloses that his renowned soccer father helped relocate Susana’s body to make it appear as if she committed suicide. Sofia continues to pursue the mysterious blackmailer despite his more aggressive actions. She eventually traces the social media posts and the sadistic games to Bruno, who was formerly the school’s IT director before being sacked.

What Will happen This Season?

In a spooky echo of the first season, Bruno is once again discovered to be behind @allyoursecrets. This time, though, he appears rather feeble and informs Sofia that he has lost control of the group that grew out of @allyoursecrets and now seeks his death. Sofia understands in the end that Bruno is lying and that he is still in control of the small army of masked youths comprising @allyoursecrets.

Control Z season 3

Sofia instructs the children to remove their masks when she realizes that they are being blackmailed, just as she and her classmates were. When the children discover Bruno among them, they turn against him. Bruno is unlikely to be killed, even though we do not witness the outcome. The previous head of the IT department holds devastating secrets about each of the children and threatens to divulge them.

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It is likely that they will severely beat Bruno and maybe chase him away with death threats if he returns. Given that the former teenage members of @allyoursecret are all students, it is highly unlikely that they murdered Bruno. Bruno is, therefore, alive and presumably arrested (again!) before the end of season three.

Season 3 Ending Explanation

Bruno believes @allyoursecrets is lost and unwillingly takes Sofia to their refuge. She’s kidnapped by kids wearing the same mask (@allyoursecrets) and ends herself in jail with Ral (who is kidnapped earlier). Sofia realizes while escaping that Bruno still controls the @allyoursecrets members. She persuades them to remove their masks, disbanding the group.

Sofia tells the truth at the National School graduation ceremony. A few months later, she’s in a coffee shop with Javier. The latter suggests Ral was manipulating @allyoursecrets all along. Sofia laughs at the suggestion before leaving on Ral’s motorcycle.

Control Z season 3

Javier and Sofia’s final meeting delivers a huge last-minute twist and fits a running joke. Javier tries to help Sofia with the investigation, but she laughs off his thoughts. Her response to his claim that Ral was behind @allyoursecrets. Javier’s new theory has some merit.

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Ral was involved in the season 1 hacking and supported Bruno’s @allyoursecrets. Javier argues that Ral’s purpose was to marry Sofia. Season 3 ends with Ral riding a snazzy new bike. This suggests he was faking being broke, which means he may have exaggerated additional problems.


Both seasons have featured a tech-savvy intruder. Raul did it by leaking secrets, and Alex risked lives to avenge Luis. What could the third season involve? It will undoubtedly be tied to Pablo seizing Raul’s money after Susanna fell. The kids may try to cover up Susanna’s death, which could lead to retribution or answers.