Containment Season 2: Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELLED!

Last Update On 27th January

Being an American Drama series “Containment” is in the hearts of its fans since the day it airs( April 19, 2016).  The show is created by Julie Plec.

She signed a number of fine actors in the show like David Gyasi as Major Alex “Lex”, Christina Moses as Jana Mayfield, Chris Wood as Officer Jake Riley, Kristen Gutoskie as Katie Frank, Claudia Black as Dr Sabine Lommers and George Young as Dr Victor Cannerts.

The show is chiefly inspired by a TV series name Cordon which is created by Carl Joos. Talking about its plotline, it starts with a Syrian Man who is find infected by a very terrible virus.

Everyone who reaches in communication or contact with the man get infected by the virus. Later ended being quarantine, the show’s concept is somehow similar to our current condition of Covid-19, Isn’t it?

Containment Season 2

Coming on the other side, everything about the show is good except the duration. The show only runs from April to July, delivering only thirteen episodes for The CW Network. And now fans are enthusiastic to follow more from the Cordon series, which is the reason today we are going to talk about Containment’s second instalment.

Series Name

Containment Season 2

Director Charles Beeson
Genre Drama
Script Writer Carl Joos
Release Date Cancelled

Will There Be Containment Season 2?

No, there won’t be Containment Season 2 revealed by the officials on May 12, 2016. This is not a good act from the side of show creator Plec and The CW but why they cancelled this? Let’s examine…

According to the CW’S series Containment has been cancelled and not returning for season 2.

Why The Show Containment Season 2 Cancelled?

Fans are desiring to watch the show again but the show’s network stated that the show is not of their type which is the first reason to take off the show from their ship. Another reason they stated behind the cancellation is the ratings.

Rotten Tomatoes has calculated 50 percentile for the show and rolling on the other side 7.2/10IMDb and  7.9/10Rating Graph which is generous but might be not sufficient for the creators…

You can also check the rating graph of the former season here- Rating Graph.

Coming to the conclusion the show is ended but still, fans want the show back, even i am too 🙁 Let’s check is there any probability of revival of the show.

Are There Any Chances of Renewal?

At this time, there is no such news!! about the Containment’s renewal but we could hope to see the show in future when some other media stood up for the show! What do you think will step out for this?

According to the ratings, Netflix will renew the show because being one of the Global Networks it always urges to take over more good ranked show.

However, at this time saying something without any fixed reason is not good, so let’s sit and wait for more future updates. For the moment you can also check our latest post For the People Season 3.

Another good show is cancelled!! and still, we are helpless in this. The main leads,  David GyasiChristina MosesChris WoodKristen Gutoskie and Claudia Black are signed for different series, so if your favourite characters are one of them then you should be happy.

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Now it’s time to end our post stay tuned for more updates!

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