Consult A Psychiatrist In Chennai To Rid of All Sorts Of Despairs

Several sorts of despair can affect the mental health condition of an individual. This poor mental health state can affect your professional as well as personal life. Depression has become one of the most typical mental health conditions where a person feels hopeless, sad, and lonely. Millions of people are affected by depression, and it’s not something to ignore. If you have despair or depression, you must go for a booking appointment to consult a psychiatrist.

Depression has several types and stages that can adversely affect your life and disrupt your normal life routine. However, with the help of a psychiatrist, you can avail the best treatment to identify your reasons for depression, work with them through therapies and finally get back to your happy mental state. In India, people are becoming more concerned about their mental health every day. So, you must consult the best psychiatrist in Chennai or any other place to seek help rather than relying on some invaluable suggestions from friends.

Here, you will learn the types of depression for which you can consult a psychiatrist and the treatment solutions offered by them. So, follow till the end.

Sorts Of Depression For Which You Can Consult A Psychiatrist After Booking Appointment

Some of the common types of depression for which psychiatrist in Chennai avail their best treatment options are:

Anxious Distress

This type of depression happens if you incur constant restlessness or lose control while worrying about possible events.

Melancholic Depression

Here, you will feel an absence of response to something that used to give pleasure. You will wake up early in the morning with a worsened mood, face changes in your appetite, get guilt feelings, and feel more sluggish or agitated.

Mixed Features

The mixed feature is nothing but the combination of depression and mania, which can lead to high self-esteem, talkative nature, and higher energy.

Psychotic Features

These include depression and hallucinations or delusions that may end up with negative themes, thoughts, and personal inadequacy.

Peripartum Onset

This type of depression happens during pregnancy or after a week or months from delivery or postpartum. If you feel depressed during pregnancy, you must go for a booking appointment to visit a psychiatrist. This is because immediate treatment will protect your unborn baby from any risk.

Atypical Features

This depression involves the temporary feeling of happiness, increased appetite, sensitivity to rejection, excess need for sleep, and arms or legs to feel heavy. Moreover, catatonia and seasonal patterns are two more types of depression that can be treated with the help of psychiatrists too.

Now let’s move on to the section on how psychiatrists can help treat such sorts of despair with therapy options.

Therapy Options By Psychiatrists To Treat All Sorts Of Despair

Some of the best therapy options offered by the best psychiatrists in Chennai include:  

Talk Therapy:

Here, you will discuss how you feel and what the problems are triggering you to become sad and depressed with the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will help you identify the patterns of behavior or thoughts that lead to your depression or despair. Your psychiatrist will suggest you track your mood swings and write them in journals. They will help you create strategies to detect and avoid any triggering concerns that elevate your depression. They also plan the coping mechanism so that you can deal with those triggering concerns.

Cognitive Therapy:

Your psychiatrist will try to identify the negative thoughts and emotions that elevate your depression in this therapy. It will help you determine the unhelpful thought patterns and transform them into better and productive ones. These therapy sessions are short-term that can last for six weeks or a maximum of 4 months.

Behavioral Therapy:

In this therapy session, your psychiatrist will identify and help alter the potential unhealthy and self-destructive behaviors. Psychiatrists run this therapy with the sole belief that all behaviors are learned, and the unhealthy ones can be changed. They will focus on your recent issues and resolve to change them. It will help you stay engaged with activities to enhance the feeling of happiness and well-being.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy:

It is a type of psychotherapy that upgrades the thought patterns to alter your behavior and mood. This blend of cognitive and behavioral therapy focuses on the therapeutic treatment for both the negative thought patterns and behavior changes that causes depression. Here, you will undergo a long session of therapy to bring you back to a healthy, bright, and motivated life.

Ending Note

So, if you’re facing any sort of despair, go for booking an appointment to consult the best psychiatrist in Chennai today. If your mental health stays good and well, you will prosper in your life physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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