Colony Season 4 – Ultimate Guide, Release Date, Plot and Many More

Have you always loved Science in your life? Do science-related things have always inspired you in your life? If yes then this should be your stop point. Today, I’m going to share the Colony Tv series with you. A series that is especially based on science fiction is all you need this time. Now, there will be two reasons for you being here. The first is you are a fan of this series and eagerly wanted to know about its upcoming fourth part. And the other will definitely be that your friend has suggested you watch it.

Whatever the reason is, we are here to give you a whole guide. In this article, you’ll go through a complete summary of this article. Additionally, we’ll see the details and news related to the upcoming season 4. Can’t wait to know? Read the whole article. 

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What Is Colony 4?

Colony Season 4

An American Television series that is especially based on science fiction. The series is broadcast under the famous TV network, Paramount network and is co-created by the famous John Linso and Taylor Sheridan. Coming back to the TV series, which was first released on 14 January 2016 and it blew up. The show was an immediate hit and people were being crazy over it. 

After the firsts season ends, the show was an immediate book for the second season 1 and it was released on 2 January 2017. The creators of the show also released a game-like website to increase the popularity of this show. In December 2015, the show decided to launch the website in order to make the show more popular and it was a marketing tactic. 

Now, the series has already released for three seasons. Now the audience wants to know about season 4 of Colony. Whether the creators of this show are really planning for the fourth season or not. Well, let’s find the answers to all the questions which have been in your mind. 

Is Colony Coming With Season 4?

The third series was aired in the and after the end of the third season, people were really hoping to see the show again. It’s been 3 years since we last saw Will in that hot Army Costume. While many fans are waiting for the fourth season, the creators have already said no to it. The officials released a statement on which it was clearly mentioned that the series is not going to be renewed for another season. The Colony has officially ended but the people are not over from it. 

Of course, it is always hard to leave your favorite show behind and the fans are never really satisfied with it. But we never said no to it. The fans hold a lot of power in the life of a show and if the fans want, they can make the creators go beyond season 3. We have seen how the fans have made the creators release the popular web series Lucifer to release another reason. 

Moreover, if any other network decided to take over Colony then it will also premiere for season 4. Now, we can only wait for all these things to happen. If there will be any more updates regarding the Colony season 4, then I’ll make changes to this article. 

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What Is the Release Date of Colony Season 4?

The first season was decided to launch on January 14, 2016, for the audience. Later after some time, the series was listed under the popular online streaming platform, Netflix. Now, a person can head to Netflix if he/she wants to watch it. Coming back to the real question about the release date. So, Colony season 4 is nowhere near. The show is canceled by the officials and it is not planning to release anytime soon. 

What Is the Plot of Colony?

Colony season 4

Similar to the story of ET, but it is quite different. What is similar is that both the series follow the aliens but different in their storyline. The show starts with, of course, aliens, who are trying to enter the earth. As they further proceed to come to the earth in order to capture it. The story follows the Bowmans and their family. 

Charlie, a high school kid, who is the son of  Bowmans, went on a school trip. During the journey, he gets separated from his group. Then suddenly, the aliens entered their city and took over a part of it. They also separated that area with the help of a wall. 

Now, the father of Charlie is an FBI agent and also a retired army officer. He is forcefully made to work for the aliens and then the story starts. After several episodes, there is also a big reveal in the story. The story is great for people, who are into science and astronautics-related things. As you move forward with the story, each episode gets interesting.  

What Is the Cast of the Colony?

Colony Season 4 updates

The cast of Colony follows Josh Holloway as the main protagonist of this story. He plays the role of Will Bowman, who is the US army Ranger and also works as an FBI Agent. He was forced to work in the favor of aliens because if he didn’t, his family would be sent to the factory. 

Moreover, his son is already lost from his school trip. The people are already used to Josh Holloway to see him as the main character. If season 4 ever happens, the people want to see him as Will Bowman. Other than him, the story has several other characters who play an important part in fulfilling the story’s demands. Without these characters, the show is incomplete. 

  • Sarah Wayne Callies will be acting as Katie Bowman.
  • Peter Jacobson is going to play the role of Alan Snyder.
  • Amanda Righetti will be cast as Madeline “Maddie”.
  • Tory Kittles will be back as Eric Broussard.
  • Alex Neustaedter will play the role of Bram Bowman.
  • Isabella Crovetti as Grace Kathryn Bowman “Gracie.
  • Jacob Buster will be acting as Charlie Bowman.

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What Are the Ratings of This Show?

If you are new to this series the ratings are something you shouldn’t miss. Take a look at the ratings of Colony and know what the people and critics really think about this show. Starting with the IMDb rating of the show which is 7.4/10. Not only this but has also rated this show with an 8.3/10 rating. The critics have rated this show with pretty normal ratings but the audience has a lot to say about it. 

The Audience rating summary of this show is 4.6/5, which is pretty amazing. The viewers of this show loved this show and have a great interest in watching each episode. 

Final Words

The Science fiction series is great for people who are crazy about science-related series. The show has already released its three seasons for the people. Now, the people were demanding for the fourth season but it is not anytime soon. If you want to watch this series then you can head towards Netflix. If there will be more updates regarding this series then I will update you for sure. 

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