Cody Rigsby Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Make as a Fitness Trainer?

Cody Rigsby is an American fitness instructor, dancer, wellness coach, social media star, and business owner. He is one of the most famous fitness instructors in the U.S. and is known for posting inspiring fitness and life advice on social media sites like Instagram. Cody Rigsby is well-known for his work at Peloton, where he is a fitness instructor.

He has a significant following on Instagram, with over 1 million followers. He also has thousands of followers on other social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Cody Rigsby is also well-known on other social media sites like Tiktok, with almost 400k followers. He often posts and shares videos that motivate and give advice, which helps his fans reach their goals.

Cody Rigsby is best known as one of Peloton’s brightest stars. His online fan base of more than 100,000 Peloton users, who are all called Rigsby’s Boo Crew, helped him become very popular. So, let’s quickly talk about Cody Rigsby’s income, monthly salary, earnings, assets, luxury lifestyle, career, biography, amazing car collections, various brand organizations, biography, and more.

Cody Rigsby Early years

Cody Rigsby was born on June 8, 1987, in northern California, United States, to a Christian family. In 2022, he will be 34 years old. Cody Rigsby’s father is very private about his family and personal life, so he hasn’t said anything about them.

But he was raised by his mother, Cindy Rigsby, a single parent. During an interview on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Rigsby said that his mother worked as a waitress at the Colosseum.

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He grew up in a middle-class family and said in an interview that his mom raised him by herself. Rigsby went to a private school in the north of California for his education. Cody Rigsby went to New York City after graduating high school because a friend told him about an internship at a dance school. He became interested in dance when he was young.

He went to the Broadway Dance Center to learn dance and get a scholarship at the same time. His goal was to become a dancer. Before that, when he was in his first year of college, he took ballet classes at a community theatre. Cody Rigsby moved to New York City for good in the year 2009.

Cody Rigsby Career

cody rigsby net worth

Cody Rigsby’s first job was as a dancer. He went to the Broadway Dance Center to learn how to dance. After he graduated from college, he danced in different nightclubs and gay bars. He also appeared as a backup dancer in music videos for Katy Perry, ELLE Magazine, SNL, and other famous people. Rigsby and Nicki Minaj danced together at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2011.

When he was starting, he also danced on the American late-night comedy show Saturday Night Live. At the time, he worked hard enough at dancing but didn’t make enough money.

He heard about the Peloton Fitness Company from the choreographer looking to hire performers while working at The Box Manhattan, a burlesque club. Then, he stopped dancing and thought fitness would be a better job.

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Cody Rigsby got a job as a fitness instructor at Peloton, an American company based in New York City that makes exercise machines, treadmills, and media. Cody became one of the highest-paid fitness instructors and health guides after a choreographer suggested it. Soon after, he became one of the most expensive Peloton trainers in the fitness world.


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That was the turning point in his career, and since then, he has been a fitness instructor for Peloton. After becoming very famous, he started giving fitness advice on social media, which helped him become even more prominent in the country. Cody Rigsby began as a backup dancer and worked with many famous people. He then switched to the fitness industry, which changed his life.

Peloton, based in New York, is one of the best fitness companies in the world. This company is known for making exercise machines like treadmills, bikes, and many more. As of 2022, Cody Rigsby’s exercise routines have helped his students live better lives and get in better shape.

Cody Rigsby also works as the director of Peloton Cycling. Rigsby also appeared on several TV shows. On September 19, 2021, he participated in the 30th season of the American reality show Dancing with the Stars.

He was paired with professional dancer and model Cheryl Burke on this show, and the two ended up in third place.

cody rigsby net worth

How Big Is My Body?

  • Rigsby was born under the sign of Gemini, and he is an American. He has good-
  • looking body and tattoos, like Mickey Mouse on his inner bicep and lotus sign on his forearm. 
  • He is feet tall, 183 cm, and weighs 77 kg, 170 lbs.
  • The Peloton stahas chest size of 36 inches, waist size of 30 inches, and biceps about 15 inches long.
  • Rigsby has cute look, and one thing that makes him stand out is that he usually only wears an earring in one ear.

Cody Rigsby Personal Life

Some of Cody Rigsby’s social media accounts show that he has been dating Andrés Alfaro. Andres Alfaro, Rigsby’s boyfriend, is also a health and fitness instructor in New York City. He worked for Barry’s Bootcamp. p.

In 2019, they started dating, and Rigsby’s official Instagram account showed they were together.

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Cody Rigsby went out with a girl in 2011 while in college, but he didn’t feel good about it. Some reports say that he had homophobia when he was young, which changed his character into a gay person later.

Cody Rigsby is one of the wealthiest fitness instructors in the U.S. and lives a beautiful life. He has enough money to buy himself expensive homes in the country. Rigsby bought a luxurious penthouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 2021. It is in one of the most beautiful parts of the neighborhood.

You can see a fabulous, breath-taking view of the house from the balcony, which adds to its beauty. Some news sources say this fancy penthouse costs a whopping $ 1.46 million. Cody Rigsby also owns several expensive properties and gyms in different parts of the United States.

cody rigsby net worth

Cody Rigsby Endorsement

Cody Rigsby is one of the most popular fitness and social media stars and works with the big fitness brand Peloton. Because of this, he is the first choice for paid partnerships, promoting supplement brands, and appearing in TV ads.

Cody Rigsby is paid a lot of money to promote brands like Chobani, Wonderworks Keto-friendly cereal, Therabody, Harry’s, Colgate, SmartSweets, Bolt24, Scotch & Soda, Primal Kitchen, Adidas, and more.

How Rich Is Cody Rigsby?

Some sources say that Cody Rigsby’s net worth in the United States in 2022 will be around $5 million. He is one of the most famous people on social media in the United States. He became well-known in the fitness industry very quickly.

His job as a fitness trainer and health specialist at Peloton is where he makes most of his money. At Peloton, Cody Rigsby makes $750 per class. He has done so well in the fitness industry, and his net worth increases every year. Cody grew up in a middle-class family, but through hard work and dedication, he saved a lot of money.

Because of the unique way he taught classes at Peloton, he became well-known.
He also makes a good amount of money from a few supplement brands and sponsorships. The amount of cash Cody Rigsby makes yearly is more than $400,000.00.

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