Code Geass Season 3 Release Date: Why Writers Are Dropping Their Pens For This?

Aren’t Code Geass Season 3 taking more than the required time? Fans are waiting for this with hopes that the creator will make a ternary of this show. Let’s check out major points and possibilities that it will happen or not.

What Do We Know About The Dates of Code Geass Season 3?

The first season aired in 2006 in October whereas the second one was premiere right after two years simply means the last episode of the season second, was premiere more than a decade ago. This seems to be the show is “canceled” for its third slice.

Goro Taniguchi and Ichiro Okouchi are not finding the anime interesting, that’s why they have decided to drop their pens. Nothing is clarified by officials on making the third part but maybe they are losing their interest in this.

Many of the fans believed that the movie released in 2018 having the title Code Geass is the end of the Code Series while some are thinking that there will be a new season of this anime.

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The confused responses are making the fans very aggressive see what they are saying on this-

“I want L.L and C.C to be together😶😶😶😶”Why aren’t creators looking toward the sequel? I am going to hate them for this…”

Let’s talk more about Code Geas 3.

Cast And Assigned Voice Artists For Code Geass Season 3

The characters never change so if there will be a new season, then the old characters will remain there. What about checking the old cast?

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia by Jun Fukuyama 
  • Suzaku Kururugi by Takahiro Sakurai 
  • C.C. By Yukana
  • Kallen Kouzuki by Ami Koshimizu
  • Nunnally Lamperouge by Kaori Nazuka
  • Shirley Fenette by Fumiko Orikasa 
  • Nina Einstein by Saeko Chiba
  • Sayoko Shinozaki by Satomi Arai 
  • Milly Ashford by Sayaka Ohara

To boot the show far more maybe new enhanced characters are also added this time, what do you think? Do you want new characters or are you in love with the old ones? Tell us your favorite characters from this anime.

What Will Happen In Code Geass Season 3?

The plotline is in the room of doubt, if there be season three then there are two chances for the plotline like it will start from where it ends or maybe with a completely new story.

Let’s talk about the ending of the Code Geass Season 3, well the end is quite emotional for the fans in the end the main character of the anime named Lelouch decided to throw his life away in order to save the rest of the peoples.

His decision seems to be a little hard for the C.C because Lelouch had promised to C.C that he will never sacrifice himself. Well, this seems to be a strange turn in the life of the main characters in the anime. We could expect to see some kind of Coldwar between C.C and Suzaka.

code geass season 3

The above plot depends upon the ending of season two, don’t stick to this, this is not an actual one. When there be anything regarding the plotline, then we would update the same in the post. Don’t forget to bookmark us.

Audience Response on Previous Bits

“Want Lelouch to appear in season3…without him it’s nothing….. I love code Geass Want more of code geas.”

“It wud be cool if they don’t continue it…some stories are a masterpiece because they ended well….”

“Hmmm if I were to request a continuation, well I won’t go for season 3 tbh…just like that in R2, end of the story.”

“I want more Code Geass but the anime ended so perfectly and I feel like them continuing it would ruin it🥴”

Is There Any Official Teaser At This Time?

Since there are no hopes for the renewal that’s why we couldn’t say anything about the teaser but there are a number of fan-made available on video platforms. You can watch the fan-made and keep yourself entertained.

Terminal Lines

The show has become so old like it’s been more than twelve years since the show premiered for the first time and after that, there is no sign of the third slice. I don’t think there are chances for this show in the future but maybe the creator manages to give us a follow-up for the show, till then fingers crossed.

Hoping you find our article worth, want to give your suggestions? Then give your valuable feedback, this will help us to improve and grow more.

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Some Common Questions

Is Code Geass available on Netflix?

The Code Geass is available on a number of streaming platforms but not on Netflix in the past time but will be there soon, the creators say. In a tweet, the officials claim that the “Code Geass is on Netflix” The best part is now you can stream it on Netflix too.

Where we can watch Code Geass Season 3?

The Code Geass is available to stream on Netflix, Funimation, and Crunchyroll.

Is Code Geass Season 2 canceled?

A number of fans believe that the show is canceled and a new one going to happen again because it’s been more than a decade waiting for season three. There is no exact statement is given by the creators, so we couldn’t say the show is canceled officially.